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    7 Ways NOT to Impress a Recruiter

    Earlier this year I wrote a post called How to Impress a Recruiter which was wildly...

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    How To Connect With Anyone You Just Met In 5 Minutes

    Would you like to learn how to connect with anyone you just met by offering them something...

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    Staying Connected as a Telecommuter

    Working from home can be glamorous! Drinking coffee from your desk as your next-door neighbors trudge out in the...

  • professional
    How to Become an Overnight Success

    History can be annoying sometimes. Usually I like learning about how people and civilizations got to be where they are. It’s supposed to be instructive, and besides it makes me feel like I’m more well-traveled than I really am. Have I seen a Sumerian ziggurat? No, but I know that was once...