The Career Value of a College Degree in 2014 | Undergrad Success

The Career Value of a College Degree in 2014

The Career Value of a College Degree in 2014
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How valuable is your degree?

The economic disparity between college graduates and those with high school diplomas has never been greater than in the modern era.

This was highlighted in a recent PEW study where young college graduates’ income was measured against that of their peers with only a high school diploma’s, resulting in a shocking conclusion.

This recent study was compared to a previous survey done in 1965, and the differences between the two generations is astounding.

Take a look at our infographic below, which highlights the results of the study, and visit our careers page to learn how you can find the position that’s right for you, and the education requirements needed to get you there.

How College Helps Your Career 2014

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