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10 Great Mobile Apps to Help You Organize Your Professional Life

10 Great Mobile Apps to Help You Organize Your Professional Life

With the increasing dependency on ‘smart phones’, communicating with each other has become so easier, that it has become a necessity to stay in touch with the world round the clock. Today, business community has started exploiting this necessity as their marketing tool by having certain apps to stay connected with their target audience. However, as an entrepreneur, even if you are having a small business, it becomes difficult to keep record of everything.

Fortunately with a handy smart phone, you can manage everything such as your contacts, communication, schedule organizing and other activities and all of these activities are possible with a wide variety of easily available mobile apps. There are a great number of such applications that are available for Android, iOS, and others systems, which turn your mobile into a digital diary! Here we list some of the best mobile apps that will greatly help you in management of small businesses.

1: Expensify

One of the most onerous tasks in any business is to create an expense report. However, this problem has been resolved with Expensify, which generates complex reports in a simple manner. With this cloud-based app, users can record the travelled mileages, as well as they can sync this app with their credit card accounts so that receipts and reports can be well recorded. This app works well on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, and other systems.

2: TripIt

It is a wonderful application that managers all your travel plans. With TripIt, you can get readily available information about the departure timings, weather forecast, and directions to the airport. Now there are least chances for you to miss your flight no matter how busy you are and this all is only because of Triplt. If you really want to bring punctually in your professional life, must give it a try.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is a handy app to organize all your to-do lists, notes, tasks, pictures, recordings etc. in one place. As it is a cloud-based service, you can access all your important items even from a desktop. So, no matter how many important tasks are there for you to remember, this app will surely assist you to stay organized.

4: Google Drive

The usefulness of Google Drive is appreciated by almost everyone. Same applies for Google Drive App. With a free storage up to 15 GB, this app is helpful for those who require frequent file storage and sharing. Even while travelling, the advantages of Google Drive can easily be availed with this app no matter wherever you go, you can always take your online stuff with you.

5: Asana

With this app, working together on projects has become so easier. This app provides a combined platform to communicate with your entire group; also you can assign different tasks to any person then and there. This app eliminates the dependency on emails!

6: Uber

It is another handy app for business owners who require lots of travelling. Now you can simply mark your destination in the app, and it will direct you exactly from your present location to the next destination. There is no need to hire a specific cab to go to your desired place; with Uber, you will get all the directions and after you reach your ‘Uber’, you will receive a notification.

Another aspect of this app important from business point-of-view is that it generates email receipt that can easily be added into your expense report.

7: Hoot Suite

For those entrepreneurs who are passionate about social networking, this app is an ultimate solution. With this app, you can analyze your social media content and the areas under your coverage. Furthermore, you can analyze the time upon which you have most active users on your sites, and then this app will send you notification on these peak timings for active communication.

8: AwayFind

Tired of receiving lots of emails in your busy schedule? This problem will no longer exist if you start using this wonderful app! Away Find helps you trace your important emails from a bulk unread items by generating text notifications when your important emails are received.

9: Polaris Office

It is a remarkable app to deal with Microsoft Office Files on your mobiles! With this app, you will be able to create, edit, sync all types of documents such as .docx, .xls, .ppt, .pdf, etc. with the same convenience as experienced with MS Office.

10: Robin

It can rightly be considered as a ‘virtual personal assistant’! It provides traffic guidelines, hands-free messaging, and customized radio. Furthermore, it recognizes your voice and sends emails to your clients and colleagues.

Finishing Words

With these amazing apps, which are compatible with almost all OS for smart phones, you will experience a convenient way to manage the minute details of your business. Their actual advantages will unveil upon their practical usage!


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