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Do you lie on your resume?

Do you lie on your resume?

It’s a difficult task for the aspirants to get a job according their expectation.  Because companies are looking for the best experienced and qualified persons for the job. So candidates get tempting to stretch the truth a little on your resume to show they are appropriate person for the job.  Some lies about their qualification and some of about their skill and experience. According to the survey 53% of resumes and job applications have been embellished with information that isn’t true. If you’re considering embellishing your resume with deception you should think about the worst what can happen once you get caught by the employer.

Falsification in resume is appearing as a real problem for the employer. The resume fraud estimated cost is $600 million which the companies are bearing per a year. Now, most of the companies perform a background check on all candidates.  So, be careful whenever you lying on resume. It could ruin your career if you got caught by the employer.

Check this infographic by BackgroundChecks.org which illustrated some shocking figure on resume fraud problem.

This infographic contributed by Cierra Ford who writes about free background checks for Backgroundchecks.org.


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