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3 Caring Professions To Consider After College

3 Caring Professions To Consider After College

If you are just about to embark on the big wide world of work, and you have no clue what to do, you are not alone. The decision you take now will have a huge effect on your future earning potential, job satisfaction and quality of life. Don’t succumb to a career simply because you feel that it is the choice that people expect of you. Plenty of investment bankers soon suffer burnout after a couple of years because they are in a role they hate, but entered into the profession because of parental pressure. It’s vital that you choose a career that you will enjoy for the next thirty five years or so. Why not think about a caring profession? Yes, the rewards might not be a great financially, but mentally and emotionally, your life may be more fulfilled than you could ever imagine. Check out these three caring careers that you might want to consider.


Perhaps the most caring career of all is nursing. These are the individuals who will look after people when they are at their most vulnerable. With a calming and reassuring vibe about them, nurses go the extra mile to ensure patients are comfortable and looked after.

Nursing is not well paid. However, the individuals who embark on this career are highly skilled and can have a worthwhile and specialist career. You may choose to enter pediatrics, orthopedics or ER nursing. No two days will ever be the same, you will encounter plenty of challenges every day and your skill set will constantly be renewed. If you thrive on pressure, working in a team, and caring for others, nursing could be the career you have been looking for.


A carer role covers a whole host of job profiles. You could be working in an old people’s home, looking after those poorly and infirm individuals at the closing chapter of their lives. You might be a community carer looking after people in their own homes. Or perhaps, you could start a senior care business all of your own. Taking on a franchise and utilizing your love of business alongside your passion for helping others could give you the ideal career. Being so prominent in the community means you can get involved in charity drives, and get your business noticed amongst potential clients. Always put the patient or client first, and your business will go from strength to strength.

Charity Work

If you’d like to be more hands off, but still work in a caring profession, perhaps your admin skills could come in handy. Head offices of charities yearn for those bright minds that tend to follow the well trodden and more lucrative banking path. To choose a career in the charity sector, you are demonstrating your willingness to put job satisfaction over monetary gain. You could revolutionize a charity’s financial structure, help fund vital research and work overseas to create global links. Not every caring profession is working in a hospital or with poorly people. You can flex your talents in other spheres.

If you’re keen to work in a caring profession, check out these potential career options to inspire your next steps.

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