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3 Inbound Marketing Strategies To Get More Qualified Leads In 2017

3 Inbound Marketing Strategies To Get More Qualified Leads In 2017

“Where are my leads?!” Has your boss ever said that to you? If so you’re not alone. According to the 2015 B2B Lead Generation Report, 59% of marketers stated that “generating high-quality leads” is their top issue.

What if you could get more quality leads for your business by implementing just three inbound marketing strategies?

I spoke with Olivia Plotnick, Marketing Manager at Adsmith China, a HubSpot-certified marketing agency, who shares three strategies she says can help get more qualified leads for your business.

1. Determine Which Social Media Platform Converts The Most

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the list goes on and on. So which platform should you focus your time and investment on – the one that converts leads.

Plotnick shares how she doubled her leads from social by implementing this one simple strategy:

In one month, her company published:

  • 40 times on Twitter which resulted in 64 clicks but no leads
  • 7 times on LinkedIn which generated only 21 clicks but 9 new leads

Plotnick says, “Because all of our new leads came from LinkedIn, I doubled my efforts there the next month by posting from our company account and my personal account in group discussions 23 times in one week alone.”

Originally published by Joe Escobedo for Forbes


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