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The 3 Industries You Should Look For A Degree In

The 3 Industries You Should Look For A Degree In

Are degrees worthwhile? That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? The answer to this question depends on who you ask. Ask someone with a degree in the right industry, and they’ll tell you it’s incredibly worthwhile.

The key is figuring out what industries are the best. In essence, what jobs hold degrees to be extremely valuable? In this piece, we have three industries you should look for a degree in:


Studying for a degree in the financial sector is a very smart move. The simple fact is that money makes the world go round, and people will always need financial help of some sort. As such, there are loads of jobs in this industry, and plenty of avenues you can explore.

The most obvious financial degree that springs to mind is accountancy. Businesses and individuals rely on accountants, so it’s a clever choice to make. Sure, working in finance probably isn’t the most glamorous or exciting career route ever. And, the education can be a bit drab too. However, you’ll have a degree in an industry where your degree matters, and will help you find a very well paid job.


The healthcare industry is a great place to get a degree as there are so many different routes and opportunities to take. A lot of people stay clear of this industry as they think they’re not smart enough to become a doctor or a dentist or a surgeon.

The thing is, you don’t have to go for any of these degrees. There are many other options out there for people that want to work in healthcare but don’t have the grades to become a doctor. You could get a health and human services degree, or a nursing degree, or a degree as a dental hygienist. The beauty of this industry is that you have the chance to work your way up. You may want to be a doctor and not have the grades now, but, you could do a degree that allows you to gain access to a doctor degree in the future.


Studying for a degree in law is a fantastic idea if you want to get a well-paid job in the future. The difference with this industry is that there is really one main job to aim for; a lawyer. But, you don’t just get a degree and become a lawyer. Often, you study one of the various legal degrees and then work your way up the ladder to become a lawyer. You start off as an assistant, then gradually improve as you work harder and harder.

A degree in law is great as there are loads of legal opportunities in this world. People and businesses will always need good lawyers. Plus, it’s a great idea if you want to start your own business one day and set up a law firm.

All three of these industries place great value on degrees. It’s almost impossible to make it in any of them without having a proper degree.

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