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3 Medical Jobs That Don’t Require Years Of Study

3 Medical Jobs That Don’t Require Years Of Study

If you have always been interested in pursuing a medical career but have been put off by the long years of schooling, you don’t have to worry anymore. With over 22 million workers in the healthcare and medical industry, there are various roles you can take up without spending several years in school. So are you interested in working in healthcare? Then continue reading to learn more about some of the best-paying medical careers that require a less years of training. 


  • Radiation therapy

Radiation therapists work with medical teams, especially oncologists. The most basic role of a radiation therapist is to help patients prepare for radiation treatments for diseases such as cancer and many others. They also work with physicians to find the right radiation treatments for patients. Most therapists work in various medical settings, including general medical and surgical hospitals, private practices, and outpatient oncology centers. 

At the most basic level, radiation therapists are required to have an associate degree in radiation therapy. However, most states have different licensing requirements to enable you to practice. In most cases, you would also have to be a member of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. The radiation therapy field is expected to grow exponentially over the next decade. It is quickly becoming one of the best-paying medical jobs that don’t require years of schooling, with entre-level therapists earning roughly $60,000 per year. 

  • Emergency medical technician

If you’re looking for a medical career that wouldn’t require long years of study and is fast-paced, you should consider becoming an emergency medical technician (EMT). EMTs work to stabilize patients who are in dire situations and ensure that they are safely transferred to a hospital for care. 

As an EMT, you must respond to emergency calls, assess your patients, and monitor their vital stats. You can also provide CPR and dress wounds. Most EMTs work for ambulance or hospital emergency services, but they also work for private practices and outpatient centers. EMTs typically earn over $60,000 per year. Depending on the type of path to take, you can earn your credentials in one to two years, including clinical rotations. You can also take certification causes if you want to specialize. Fortunately, there are tons of online resources where you can test now to receive your certification in record time.

  • Medical transcription

Medical transcriptionists are responsible for translating medical recordings into written reports or documents. They are also responsible for filing and storing medical records and ensuring that all records are consistent and use proper medical terms. 

Most medical transcriptionists work in laboratories, hospitals, and private practices, earning as much as $55,000 annually. You can become a transcriptionist in as little as 6 months by completing a certificate program in medical transcription. 

Finding good-paying medical jobs that do not require extensive schooling is easier. Hopefully, with these suggestions, you are now more than ready to step into the medical industry, whether you want to work behind the scenes or directly with patients and other medical officers.

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