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3 Tips for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs at Work

3 Tips for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs at Work

Succeeding in a competitive industry is far from an easy endeavour; there are challenges ranging from fierce competition from co-workers and other companies, to the financial and logistical constraints that always rear their ugly head whenever you’re attempting to create a successful startup.

Luckily, there are ways to get around these issues and achieve success — but these may not always be the sorts of things you might immediately think of.

On the one hand, companies like TwinFold Capital can help to fund your small business. On the other hand, all the physical resources in the world are likely to be redundant if you’re unable to master the correct success mindset, and most of all, to overcome the limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Here are some tips for vanquishing your limiting beliefs and freeing yourself to be successful.

Begin the art of visualising positive outcomes, even if it’s very hard at first

There’s a good argument to be made that it’s impossible to achieve success, if you’re incapable of at least visualising that success — and positive outcomes in general. Unfortunately, a surprising number of people suffer from exactly the kinds of mental blocks that prevent them from visualising positive outcomes.

This hurdle must be overcome as quickly as possible, as it is a recipe for endless and repeated failure and disappointment, both in work and in life.

The solution is to begin conditioning yourself to visualise positive outcomes as often as possible. This will likely feel extremely difficult and fake at first, but push on. You need to recondition your subconscious mind to see success as not only possible, but inevitable.

To overcome your internal resistance, imagine you have your own, “real”, internal copy of the world, where you have godlike powers. Then use your powers to shape the events in that inner world in the way you want.

Try to get to the point where you feel positive emotions during every visualisation.

Get into the habit of questioning your catastrophic thinking

Beliefs are systems embedded in the depths of our minds that organise our thinking, in particular, routine ways. We are rarely conscious of our beliefs — and even if we can identify them accurately, they behave a lot like icebergs, with the majority of the belief resting in our subconscious mind.

The way to begin unravelling negative beliefs is to begin a process of questioning them formally whenever we become aware of them.

If you think, for example, “everyone hates me”, argue with yourself. “Why do I think that? What’s the evidence for that? Is there another explanation? What would I say to a friend who had this fear?”

Try to remove the physical triggers for negativity

If you’re malnourished, chronically sleep deprived, addicted to caffeine, and drink heavily on weekends, you can be sure that your mindset will veer towards the negative.

While much of our thought processes can be mastered by thinking — it is also essential to try and bring our bodies into the greatest possible degree of balance and harmony.

Your meals should leave you satisfied and full. Your sleep should leave you refreshed. Your substance dependencies should be non-existent.


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