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In 3 Words: 100 Pieces of Bite Size Career Advice

In 3 Words: 100 Pieces of Bite Size Career Advice
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Sometimes, we tend to over-complicate things. Often, the best career and life advice, from the best mentors, comes in bite size, easy-to-digest pieces.

Maybe just three words. And no more…

Make a Good First Impression

1. Firm handshakes count.
2. Make eye contact.
3. Stand up straight.
4. Take deep breaths.
5. Use breath mints.
6. Use cologne responsibly.
7. No 4-letter words.
8. Know your resume.
9. Burn no bridges.
10. Tell great stories.

Be a Good Colleague

11. 5 minutes early.
12. Listen much more.
13. Talk much less.
14. Care about others.
15. Do not gossip.
16. Display emotional intelligence.
17. Tell the truth.
18. Show some patience.
19. Show some respect.
20. Always play fair.
21. Think of others.
22. Frequently check ego.
23. Disagree with respect.
24. Say thank you.
25. Become a resource.

Be a Good Leader

26. Set an example.
27. Deliberately mentor others.
28. Show humble confidence.
29. Earn other’s trust.
30. Exceed all expectations.
31. Share the glory.
32. Expect positive attitudes.
33. Listen with compassion.
34. Lead with humility.
35. Lead without permission.

Be a Good Learner

36. Commit to learning.
37. Be a sponge.
38. Be self-aware.
39. Mind wide open.
40. Always ask why.
41. Always be coachable.
42. Be insatiably curious.
43. Obliterate comfort zones.
44. Master new skills.
45. Own your failures.

Be a Good Networker

46. Be an individual.
47. Trust your niche.
48. Build your credibility.
49. Build mutually-beneficial relationships.
50. Always follow up.
51. Nothing is private.
52. Be a connector.
53. Be an ambassador.
54. First impressions matter.
55. Make new friends.
56. Make new connections.
57. Remember my name.
58. Connect with passion.
59. Personal branding matters.
60. Know your goals.
61. Don’t feed trolls.
62. Show your enthusiasm.
63. Leverage your influence.
64. Make others smile.
65. Earn your reputation.

Be a Good Worker

66. Compete every day.
67. Know your value.
68. Trust your capabilities.
69. Trust your team.
70. Focus on solutions.
71. To-do lists mandatory.
72. Take good notes.
73. Take no shortcuts.
74. Ignore job descriptions.
75. Manage time wisely.
76. Show some flexibility.
77. Stay when needed.
78. Contribute something unique.
79. Creatively problem solve.
80. Lose the apathy.
81. Ask good questions.
82. Provide thorough answers.
83. Push bullies aside.
84. Show strong will.
85. Be permanently engaged.
86. Show entrepreneurial spirit.
87. Build a culture.
88. Prove yourself irreplaceable.
89. Complete the mission.
90. Do something spectacular.

Be a Good Person

91. Constantly display grit.
92. Volunteer your time.
93. Make a difference.
94. Clean your mess.
95. Continuously be grateful.
96. Be a giver.
97. Be an inspiration.
98. Turn it ‘OFF’.
99. Share your knowledge.
100. Know you matter.

What career advice, in three words, would you add to this list?

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