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4 Best Jobs For College Students

4 Best Jobs For College Students

A lot of focus has gone into tips for landing the right job after college. But there has not been enough material on how to help college students find jobs while they’re still schooling. There is a growing number of college students who are combining serious full-time jobs with school work. Now, although this helps them to get by with tuition fees and other necessities, the practice comes with its own disadvantages. For example, some working students either miss a lot of school work because of their full-time jobs, or turn up for classes drained, tired, and unable to study. In this article, we will look at some of the best jobs a college student can get without jeopardizing their academics.

  1. Nanny Jobs
    An estimated 70% of college students work while in school. And most of these jobs are full time, intensive jobs that drain the students and discourage them from any academic work. One relatively less stressful job students can easily combine with school work is working as a nanny. Because of the flexibility of the work, this job option is popular among many college students. Some college students even get boarding bonuses even though most nanny jobs are not full time. The job also affords enough time to study even while working. 
  2. Call Center Rep
    Most college students find the ability to combine school work and call center representative duties less stressful than they imagined. Plus, they are able to get the financial cushion necessary to negotiate college life. Most call center reps do not do more than answer calls and follow preset call procedures. As a result, these jobs are hardly full time. Because most employees in this sector require their workers to be available on weekends and evenings only, most college students who take up such jobs easily can make enough time for school work. 
  3. Pet Sitters or Dog Walkers
    Just like nanny jobs – except there are no babies, instead, furry little guys. The only note of caution here is that you should love pets to be able to take on dog walking or pet sitting jobs. If you do love pets, you will find this time of job as flexible as being a nanny. Plus, most of these jobs pay on an hourly basis – something that comes as considerable help for college students. Of course, your pay margin will increase if you already have experience in pet sitting.
  4. Technical jobs
    For college students who are studying technical subjects, there are lots of opportunities available. Jobs such as audio visual jobs, software developers, web developers, etc. will allow them to take on flexible jobs while adding experience to what they are studying in school. The only downside is that most employers look for interns when it comes to employing college students. Aside from technical jobs, a lot of creative jobs such as content writing, digital advertising, graphic designing jobs, and so on, are ideal. These are jobs that students can easily do on part-time bases as they mostly do not require being confined to a particular place.


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