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4 Things You Should Know About Green Businesses

4 Things You Should Know About Green Businesses

The job market has been pretty rocky over the last year and a bit. But now that we are coming out the other side of the pandemic, we can focus on getting back to work. However, businesses have a new threat of customer desertion if they don’t go green. Here are some of the things you should know about eco-friendly businesses.

It’s more than eco-friendly

You might hear the words “eco-friendly” and assume that you have to reduce your carbon footprint, but it is so much more than that. Going green means thinking about the world around you and the effect that your business will have on the world. And, even if you haven’t gone green yet, researching and funding alternatives can help you earn some green points. You will be surprised with the little things that you can do that have a big impact.

Cleaner fuels

Last year, when the world went into lockdown, everyone was amazed by the colour of the sky after a few weeks. The sky looked bluer, the air tasted fresher. The sudden cut in production caused an immediate decrease in harmful chemicals and smoke in the air. Geoff Hirson and other entrepreneurs are trying to make the switch to more eco-friendly options that will help to make our skies bright blue again. Although climate change should be the number one reason why we switch to cleaner fuels, having clean air and water that is good to look at comes in at a close second.

Vegan Friendly

Being vegan friendly does not mean that you will only attract vegan customers. Beauty products that are vegan friendly are big business now. Not only do these beauty products contain no animal products but they haven’t been tested on animals either. This is a big plus for anyone who wears make-up. If current trends are anything to go by, people will be making a full shift to a vegan lifestyle in the next few years. Don’t get left behind by using animals. Revlon recently made the switch to using animal testing, something they didn’t do before. Why? So they could sell in China and Russia, two countries that require animal testing in order to sell your products. As a result, people dropped them and switched to other brands of makeup.

Reducing Waste

Reducing the amount of waste that we produce is a top priority that needs to be dealt with immediately. Landfills are overflowing and there is a huge area of the Pacific Ocean that is covered with plastic. There is light at the end of the tunnel as businesses are embracing recycling and eco-friendly options for packaging. Many big stores are reducing the packaging of their products by a small percentage in the hope that the little changes add up. You could go as far as funding plastic pollution collection to make the packaging of your products with. Head and Shoulders have recently started a campaign to use recycled plastic that has been fished from the ocean for their shampoo bottles.


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