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4 Ways to Creatively Express Yourself

4 Ways to Creatively Express Yourself
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I consider myself very blessed. Why?

My industry involves me spending hours writing stories about fictional characters and when I’m done, I chalk it up as homework.

This is a luxury that not everyone, perhaps including you, has been lucky enough to experience.

Whether through their own naivety or apathy, few people every tap into their creativity.


Being an artist and a creator allows me to pour my emotion and experiences into my work.

But what about you? What about those of you who aren’t studying in a typical “artistic” field (e.g. film, dance, or graphic design)?

Maybe you’re pursuing accounting or waste disposal management — something that is arguably more necessary than art — but might not adequately allow you to express yourself.


It is for you and students in similar fields that I’ve put together a few basic ways to work creatively outside of a non-artistic major.

I encourage you to take these suggestions to heart, as I feel we become complacent in our search for creativity.

It’s crucial for your sanity to have an outlet for creative thoughts and talents.


Consume As Much Work As You Can

Second to few, One of the easiest steps to spark your own creativity is to be inspired by someone else’s.

No, your work won’t be original right away, but it gets the right parts of your brain triggering.

You’ll see what you like/don’t like. Start by reading a good book, watching a well done TV show, or attending a perfect ballet, as these may be just the kick you needed to start mapping your own route.


Make Time for Elective Classes

Many major-driven students find that they don’t have any time in their class schedule for classes that don’t necessarily move their careers forward.

While the reasons as to why are scattered, many students “just don’t see the point.”

I’m here to tell you to forget that. Start making time in your schedule, even if it’s just one measly class per year.

This class doesn’t even need to be that far removed from your focus. A creative writing class or web design course can still improve your skills no matter what your pursuit.

Focus on your college experience and stop worrying about graduating as quickly as possible.

The quality of your experiences will be far more rewarding.


Start A Blog/Website

These platforms serve very well as a means by which you spur your inner creator.

While it is true that more blogs than reliable opinions exist, a blog or website allows you to discuss subjects and issues that you might not be able to elsewhere.

Moving forward, personal websites may be utilized to find new work or clients in your field.

Just by attending college, you are opening yourself to a breadth of knowledge most people will never know exists. Why not share it with the world?


Form a Group With Your Friends

Starting anything by yourself will always be a challenge.

It’s human nature to seek approval or validation that what you’re doing is a good thing.

We often need that second or third pair of eyes to tell us what we’re missing. You’ll almost always be too close to your work to really identify what you need to do. Combat this by connect with those who may have similar artistic interests.

The great thing about a plethora of blogs on the Internet is that people are always looking to connect and provide value.

After all, this is often why they’ve started a blog.

These new friends/connections may come through something as simple as a campus book club.

Whatever the platform may be, utilize it. I think (re: know) that you’ll be surprised at how much others can help you finalize your expression.

At the very least, your friends can keep you on track.

Telling yourself that you’ll write a story is all well and good, but without someone helping to keep you accountable, excuses for not finishing may begin to surface.


Bottom line: find a way to express yourself. A channel for you to escape to will ultimately lead to more satisfaction in your life.

Whether the final work is good or bad, everything is subjective, and you’ll walk away knowing it could have never been created by anyone else.

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