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5 Advanced Degrees to Help You Climb the Corporate Ladder

5 Advanced Degrees to Help You Climb the Corporate Ladder
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The days of getting by with nothing more than a bachelors degree are behind us. More and more corporate settings demand highly specialized advanced degrees of their employees before allowing them to rise through the ranks. And going back to school is something many who are seeking to increase their annual income are starting to look into.

The Internet is filled with all sorts of websites offering a plethora of educational program options, and all one has to do is pop in a few search terms like, “Brandeis University masters degree project management” into their favorite search engine and see what kind of information comes up.

Others are perhaps stuck, wondering what direction would be best for them to head in, pondering the question of which advanced degrees are going to serve their employment efforts best over the long term. Here are five advanced degrees that could help you ascend the corporate ladder, pushing you ahead of the competition.

Accounting Degree

If you want to know how to operate in the black, financially speaking, then an accounting degree might be right up your alley. Major businesses are always looking for people with advanced accounting degrees to help keep their company afloat. A person who has achieved a Phd in accounting, even if they have no job experience, is still in high demand, earning an annual median income of above $90,000. Plus, accountants tend to understand how to eliminate student debt, quicker than those who seek after other degrees, freeing up even more money for their financial advancement.

Human Resources Degree

If you are looking for an exciting career, then an advanced degree in human resources may be just the ticket. Although lower level HR positions have been on the decline in recent years, demand for higher paying management positions is still going strong, with the median income reaching right around $100,000 annually.

Physics Degree

If you like playing with concepts like force, velocity, acceleration, and think that manipulating large sets of data sounds fun, then a career in physics may be your forte. What is even more appealing is that the median annual income of a mid-career physicist is pushing above $110,000 annually, which makes this an attractive field for a career choice as well.

Mathematics Degree

If you thought the art of manipulating equations was a dead end field, think again. Mathematicians are critical to the development of many industries and innovative advancements in technology. To make the big bucks, say an income of around $100,000 annually, landing yourself in some government research lab or high on the corporate ladder, a math major needs to strive to achieve a masters degree or better. Even making a living teaching at a university typically requires a Ph. D., but the pay is still better than one might expect at around $60,000 annually.

Information Systems Degree

If a person is hooked to computers and cannot tare themselves away from the latest technological advancements, then why not consider a degree in information systems? Better yet, sticking it out for five years working in the field and getting that Ph. D. and being promoted into a management position can set a person up making around $120,000 annually.

Whatever your future career goals happens to be, it would appear that advanced degrees in fields that center around a strong core mathematical background, with a capacity to handle large amounts of data, are at the core of the future job market. These types of jobs appear to be some of the best paying jobs around, as well as being careers that are in high demand. And it does not look like that trend will be changing any time soon either.

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