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5 Awesome, High-Demand Careers in Australia for 2019

5 Awesome, High-Demand Careers in Australia for 2019

In many parts of the world, the academic years are coming to a close, and with that comes a massive wave of fresh graduates ready and eager to join the workforce. Some of you reading this may be thinking about going abroad and living the expatriate life. Luckily for you, the job market is always growing around the world, and among the many countries welcoming the new wave of fresh talent is Australia. The Australian Department of Jobs and Small Business has released their latest employment research report for 2019, and we are here to give you a brief rundown of 5 amazing jobs that are in demand this year.

1. Programmer

The age of information is upon us, and with that, many aspects of our private and social lives are controlled through taps, swipes, and clicks. Most of the things we have inside our house can now be made “smart”, from our phones, to our TVs, and even our lights and fridges. Serving as the lifeblood of all these gadgets are thousands upon thousands of lines of computer code. And keeping that blood flowing are programmers, who write, fix, and maintain the code behind software services, apps, and games. This and similar jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree in either IT, computer science, or computer engineering, with a typical annual salary starting at around AU$50,000.

2. Child Carer, Geriatric Care Provider

The child care and aged care industries are very strong in Australia given the steadily increasing number of both young and old Australians. As such, the demand for child carers in daycare centres, as well as caregivers for the elderly in aged care facilities are also rising. Despite what you might think about these sorts of jobs, carers and caregivers have a huge amount of responsibility placed on them, having to look after many aspects of their patients’ life. Although formal training is not entirely necessary to work in this field, it can help you secure a job and is therefore highly recommended. Annual salaries start at about AU$35,000.

3. Teacher, Teacher’s Aide

As long as there are lessons to be learned and people to be taught, the demand for education will never slow down. Such is also the case in Australia, where teachers and teacher’s aides are in high demand on the primary and secondary school levels. Aspiring teachers will need a bachelor’s degree in education and pass a licensure examination to be a certified teacher. Teacher’s aides, who perform clerical work and assist lead teachers in creating lessons, organising lesson plans, and teaching students directly, will require you to take a certification exam and become a [certified teacher’s aide]. Annual salaries for teachers and teacher’s aides start at around AU$45,000 and AU$30,000 respectively, with these numbers expected to rise with experience.

4. General Sales Assistant

The general sales assistant is a staple fixture in any retail establishment, from bargain clothing stores to high-end luxury brands, doing what they can to make your shopping experience more convenient and more enjoyable. They keep the store in shape and assist customers through every step of the buying process from choosing the product to checking out. These jobs are typically experience-based rather than skills-based, and as such will not require a college degree. Typical annual salaries for these jobs start at about AU$35,000.

5. Accountant

The accountant forms the backbone of every business establishment that deals with numbers any larger than four digits. The accountant is tasked with maintaining the checks and balances of the company’s finances and reporting to his or her boss regarding the financial state of the company. In smaller businesses, accountants will have more to do in terms of the variety of tasks (for example, they might also give financial advice), but their jobs will mostly be organising large, complicated spreadsheets and summarising all of that data into a report that can be more easily digested. A bachelor’s degree in accountancy is typically required for this job, especially if you plan to work in a larger company, with starting salaries hovering around AU$40,000 a year.

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