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5 Career Ideas That You Didn’t Know Even Existed

5 Career Ideas That You Didn’t Know Even Existed
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If you’ve been stacking shelves at Tesco for far too long, it’s probably a good idea to take a look through the career suggestions made in this post. You need to spice your life up a tad if you want to start enjoying your work, which is why I’ve included only the most obscure, but interesting job ideas in the article you are reading. Believe it or not, there are already thousands of people employed in these roles, and most of them earn a pretty good wage for their time. So, give me your full attention, and spend the next six or seven minutes considering all the information below before coming to a final conclusion on whether or not any of these endeavours would suit your current situation.

1. Ethical Computer Hacking Specialist 

As there are so many devious hackers all over the world just waiting to exploit weaknesses in the computer systems of large and influential companies, most have had no choice but to employ their own in house ethical hackers to identify these weaknesses before they’re noticed by the wider online community. You’ll still get to spend all day hacking websites, it’s just that you’ll be getting paid by the company directly, rather than having to make money from selling their details.

2. Forest Fire Lookout 

In countries like the US and Australia where there are constant forest fires during peak season thanks to dry climates and no rain, many of those who are responsible for the running of major national parks no employ lookouts to ensure issues are spotted early. While you might have other duties, your main function will be to walk around looking for fires. It’s a nice way to earn a living if you can get the work.

3. Futurist Marketer

Everyone reading this post will already know what marketing involves, but this role is a little different. As a futurist, you’ll be tasked with looking at current market trends, and then using this information to predict what could be just around the corner. Obviously, there is a certain satisfaction in successfully predicting the future, and this could eventually lead to employment in the psychic arena (joke).

4. Micro Tunneler

Companies like Coleman Micro Tunneling specialise in drilling tunnels that are too small for an operator to fit inside a boring machine. So, all the devices used are either autonomous, or operated via remote control. You might think this job would be less exciting than some of the others, but as you’ll get to travel around the country (possibly the world), no day will ever be the same. And the pay is definitely encouraging.

5. Aerial Photographer 

So long as you’ve got a head for heights, working for the environment agency or a similar firm as an aerial photographer could be the solution to all your employment concerns. All you need is some decent camera skills, and you’ll be free to spend your day high above the ground in helicopters and planes taking snaps for a living.

Well my friends, as you can see, there were some pretty cool jobs listed in this post, so I sincerely hope they’ve inspired you to get out of that dead-end role and try something more ambitious for a change.

You can do it!

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