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5 helpful tips to enhance academic writing skills

5 helpful tips to enhance academic writing skills

Academic writing is taking rise everywhere. Whether you are writing your own assignments, working on a research paper or getting paid to write someone else’s assignments, you need to have academic writing skills. We will introduce 5 helpful tips for you to make use of.

Academic writing is different from every other form of writing as it is not just to engage the readers, but it informs them on a scholarly level.

While other forms of writing, for example, a blog is purely written on the experience of a person or their opinions.

On the other hand, academic writing involves deep research and valid references.

Until you have not perfected your academic writing, you won’t be able to get the degree you always dreamed of.

Even if you have a strong point or research but you are unable to elicit everything through academic writing, it is not going to matter.

There are a lot of tools like self-plagiarism checker which helps you perfect your academic writing but it is going to come all down on you in the end.

Here are a few tips that you need to follow to enhance your academic writing skills and bring weight to your words.

Using online libraries:

While you had to research a lot before going through all the books, it has been made simpler now using online libraries.

Not only can you access all kinds of books there, but you can go through the research papers that have been written so far.

Doing proper research is the way to get a worthy academic paper. You don’t just need to write but give it validation by mentioning all the sources.

As mentioned above, the thorough research and the best references are what give the academic papers some validation in the market.

You can keep reading out the papers of other people or keep researching.

Even if you are not writing on something particularly, you can still go through papers just to enhance your general knowledge.

The more you read, the better idea you will get of the academic papers and you will be able to produce a strong paper.

Try to write as much as you can and practice your writing skills.

It should not be just when you have an assignment but make this a daily habit. If you are looking for a future in academics, then you need to focus on it.

Plagiarism checker:

Taking an idea from someone else’s work does not mean stealing their work. There are chances that you might rephrase things but there will still be some plagiarism left. This can be accidental or because your ideas overlapped with someone else’s.

A self-plagiarism checker helps you go through the whole document and finds out any plagiarized content. It will help produce a report mentioning all of the sources where the data was plagiarized from and will highlight the text that has been plagiarized.

There are a lot of tools online that you can use a self-plagiarism checker but we would recommend using PREPOSTSEO.

It is an online free tool which helps you check your entire documents and helps you find out the text that has been plagiarized.

It does not only check the online sources, but it scans all the offline documents, the research papers and online books that you never knew existed.

It matches every single word, every single line to help you find the plagiarized content beforehand so you can correct it before submission.

Online citations:

While you had to go through different procedures and had to write the entire citations yourself, you can just use the online tools now.

They help you save time so you can spend it on the research and give you accurate citations that you can just copy and paste in your documents.

It is a good idea to get everything checked from a self-plagiarism checker as the citations can give out a lot of plagiarism too.

It is not going to be your fault but if it is making the plagiarism more than what is allowed to you, you can contact your professors about it.

Just paste the URL of your source or give out the information about your source to these online tools and they will complete a citation for you.

The in-text and bibliography, both can be produced by it with just a few clicks. You can also simply click on the kind of citation you want, MLA, HARVARD, APA or any other. No need to study them yourself anymore.


Online dictionaries are changing the ways through which we used to search for content. Instead of going through the whole dictionary and flipping pages trying to find the meaning of something or to get a synonym of a word, you can simply use an online dictionary now.

You need to use authentic words and have to know their meaning before you use them in their papers. Using online dictionaries will help you get rid of the plagiarism as well pointed out by a self-plagiarism checker by using synonyms or the words.


It might sound like a boring task to do and it is natural to just get done with things and not want to get back to them.

Proofreading does not just help you point out your own mistakes, but it also helps you add in more points to make your research better.

Go through every line and every word thoroughly once you have completed your work. You can use online tools as well like a self-plagiarism checker but there are chances that they still leave something out.

A half-written line which makes sense grammatically but is incomplete when read out properly is an example of some of these mistakes.

Going through everything manually is a must and will help you learn from your own mistakes.


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