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5 Things You Hate About Work and How to Change Them

5 Things You Hate About Work and How to Change Them
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One of the top New Year’s resolutions for 2015 is to look for a new job. Many of us wish for more out of our career, but with the current job market, this task can be a daunting one. Before making your life more complicated by searching for something new, why not take a moment to analyze what it is that you truly hate about your current job and see if there’s a way to improve the situation? Here’s a list of five things you probably hate about your job and ways you can change them.


  1. Your Job Isn’t Challenging You

Do you ever feel that your talents are going to waste? If boredom has set in, chances are you are not being challenged enough at work. Everyone needs to be challenged to feel that their place of employment is helping to advance their career. Challenge provides:

  • A sense of development from increased knowledge and skillset
  • A sense of discovery of your true potential
  • A sense of reassurance that you’re a valued part of the team

If you are not being challenged enough in your current position there are a few ways you can change it:

  • Talk to your boss to see if there are other projects that you can take on
  • Evaluate your skillset and determine if there is another position within your organization that you may be a better fit for
  • Identify the true go-getters within your company and develop a relationship with them
  1. Your Pay Isn’t Cutting It

If you are finding yourself living paycheck to paycheck and barely keeping up with your monthly bills, chances are you are filling less than fulfilled by your employer. One thing to keep in mind: With most places, your pay is negotiable. Employers are usually willing to listen to your salary concerns and work with you on ways to gain an increase in pay. Keep in mind, it may mean taking on additional projects at work.

Prepare for the money talk with your boss by creating a list of measurable outcomes from your performances at work to help demonstrate your worth. Then, come up with a list of ways you can help out in areas that may need more manpower.

  1. You Hate Your Workspace

Spending eight hours or more in the same space five days out of the week can make you feel like a prisoner. Sprucing up your space, even if it’s in the middle of Cubetown, USA, can really change how you feel and how productive you are. Make this a priority and make your work space as enjoyable as possible.

  • Make sure your desk is set up properly in a way that makes it as functional as possible. Many organizations have an occupational therapist on staff that can evaluate your space and offer suggestions on how to improve it. If not, take some time to venture around the office and check out the workspaces of those who seem to love what they do and mock their set up.
  • Brighten things up. Adding pops of color can really cheer up your mood. Consider a colorful vase or a piece of modern art.
  • Adjust your lighting. Ever feel like the florescent lighting is sucking your energy dry? Why not add a small lamp to your desk to break free from basking under those draining ceiling light panels?
  1. Your Job Is All Work and No Play

If you hit the desk running every morning and don’t stop for a break all day, you are left completely exhausted by checkout time. Everyone needs opportunities to relax, recharge and regroup throughout the day. The best way to accomplish this is to make a friend at work.

Seek out a coworker who you have some commonality with. Trust is a must. If this individual is someone you are concerned is gossipy or less-than-kind, then avoid her. However, if you find someone you consider friend-worthy, build a relationship with them. A quick text message or a chat around the water cooler can be exactly what you need to break up the monotony of your day.

  1. You Aren’t Advancing

Many of us start with a company in an entry-level position with the expectation for promotions throughout our years of service. If you are still finding yourself on the bottom ranks of the totem pole, it’s time to evaluate why:

  • How can you increase your value as an employee?
  • What skills are needed to get to the next level?
  • Are there other departments offering quicker advancements to their employees?

After answering these questions, focus on the avenues you can take to increase your value, pursue further skill sets and cross-train your way to the top of the ladder.

No one deserves to wake up dreading what the day has in store for them. Finding passion in the work you do is key to making those eight hours fly by. Putting the time and energy into improving your current situation can be a one-way ticket to transforming your job into a totally cool career.

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