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5 Ways to Make Cubical Life Less Dreadful

5 Ways to Make Cubical Life Less Dreadful
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Anyone who has spent their workdays in the small, squared space of an office cube understands the annoyances that tend to come with the environment: not having enough space to work on a project, finding it hard to drown out the phone conversations and office chit chat that surround you, and feeling uninspired because of your constant view of dull grey or cream-colored walls.

Even worse, you have little-to-no privacy and no matter how you position your chair or computer screen, those who walk by can see what you’re viewing.

[tps_header]Until you get that spacious, window-lit office, here’s five ways to make cubical life bearable, and perhaps a bit enjoyable.[/tps_header]


Make Your Cube Your Home 

If you’re going to spend at least 40 hours a week in the same space, you may as well dress it up to match your style!

Personalize your walls by covering them with fancy scrapbooking paper, framed photos of your family and friends, motivational signs, artwork, or your diploma.

Add candles, your own box of tissues, low-maintenance plants such as spider plants and ferns, and a small air freshener to your desk.

Further, glossy tile floors can be made friendlier with the addition of a small, comfy carpet.

Also, consider using desk lamps or small LED lights for a warmer glow.

All of these items can be rearranged often to keep your atmosphere interesting.

The more comfortable you make your workspace, the more you’ll feel like working in it.  Of course, get permission before you bring out the interior decorator in you.

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