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6 Demanding Healthcare Professions

6 Demanding Healthcare Professions
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The healthcare industry continues to grow at an astronomical rate while other industries are seeing modest growth. In fact, by year 2018, there should be approximately 3.2 million jobs available in the healthcare field for those who are professionally trained. Since the Baby Boomers continue to age and Generation X has actively begun having children, there seems to be an emerging need for proper healthcare. If you are interested in a job in healthcare, consider the following programs that may be offered at a reputable technical school near you.

1. Medical Assistant

Behind every successful physician is a medical assistant who works closely with them to ensure that the patient is handled with care. Not only are medical assistants responsible for clinically assessing the patient by performing various labs and checking the patient’s vitals, but they also complete many administrative responsibilities as well. The field of medical assisting is expected to grow by over 30 percent by year 2020. The Computer Systems Institute medical assistant training program is essential in preparing the student for their certification, such as the Association of Medical Assistants.

2. Clinical Laboratory Technician

In order to diagnose a patient with a particular condition, physicians use a host of tests to determine where the problem lies. Clinical laboratory technicians are responsible for ensuring the tests are carried out properly. This includes using sophisticated lab equipment to analyze body fluid and cells, among other things. This career field is expected to grow more than 14 percent in the next 6 years.

3. Pharmacy Technicians

Being a pharmacy technician requires a thorough knowledge of medicine, as well as an acute attention to detail. Technicians must work quickly and accurately to aid the pharmacist in dispensing medication to patients. By the year 2020, this career field is looking to open more than 100,000 new positions. There are many opportunities for technicians in the industry. Not only are they able to work in retail pharmacies, but compounding technicians create medications as well.

4. Dental Assistant

Dentists often rely on their assistants to prepare and sterilize their equipment, as well as help them perform other various tasks around the office. Experienced dental assistants are in high demand. Many technical schools have programs aimed at developing the skills needed to excel at this great job. You can also continue your education to become a dental hygienist.

5. Medical Billing and Coding

Professionals who are trained in medical billing and coding are a key player in the process of medical billing. Every time an individual receives medical care, the healthcare provider must document all of the services that were provided. The coder assigns each service a specific code needed for the claim to be paid by the patient or the insurance company. This popular healthcare professional may allow the coder to work from home, making this an appealing position for parents.

6. Phlebotomy

A career in phlebotomy entails working closely with an experienced team of healthcare professionals. Not only are they responsible for collecting various blood samples, but a great phlebotomist will ensure the comfort of the patient during the process. After the sample is collected, the phlebotomist prepares the sample for processing. The healthcare industry is always in need of highly trained phlebotomists.

Choosing a career in healthcare is a great way to invest in your future. Not only are there job openings in the future, but it pays well and offers amazing benefits.

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