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6 high paying jobs you can get after pursuing a degree in finance

6 high paying jobs you can get after pursuing a degree in finance

Every fresh graduate dream of getting a high paying job. Deciding a career path might be a crucial decision to make, but it gets easy if you know what are you exactly looking for.

With the rising competition in the market and the will to live an American Dollar Dream, the majority of the young professionals are looking for a job role that earns them a high paycheck.

Finance is the core of all the businesses happening around. A business organization is likely to fumble without stability in its finance and for that reason; finance experts are in great demand.

Earning a graduate degree in finance is itself a great kick start towards a career in financial studies. A Masters in Finance Program from a reputed university is almost an assurance to decent employment due to the availability of job opportunities and the urgent need for experts in the same.

The salary for a young professional in finance highly varies from the job role you take up and your level of education. But, with a master in finance, you are good to go for decent pay in the early days of your career.

However, before taking up a particular job role it is important to have an introspection to have a clearer idea about your expectations and needs from your career.

Why do this?

Here is a list of questions you need to ask yourself before jumping up to any job opportunity that fancies you-

  • Why do I want to choose this job?
  • Will this job suits my working style?
  • Is this the kind of job I thought of taking when I decided to pursue my degree in finance?
  • Do I have the skill set required for this job?
  • Will I be making the same decision after 5 years of work experience?

Now that you have gained much comprehensibility over choosing your career path, it is time to look around for what’s in the house for finance graduates!

With a graduate degree in finance, here are some of the high paying job roles available to you-

Financial Analysts

A financial analyst is a person who analyses and evaluates the financial situation of an individual or an organization and guide them in making investments which as per the required need. Their job role typically involves researching stocks, bonds, companies, and industries in order to assist their client and cater to their financial needs in the best situation.

Average Salary- $81,760

Financial Managers

As suggested by the name, A financial manager is a person who manages the finances of an individual or an organization in times of crisis. He is majorly responsible to make quick and harsh decisions in case of risk management that yields maximum profit and minimum loss.

Average Salary- $121,750

Financial Advisors

Financial advisors are the people who excel in their field and work in accordance with their clients to access them with their finances. They are responsible to build strategies and advise their clients on monetary management. Financial advisors must crunch numbers and apply principles of accounting in order to devise plans suitable for individual investors.

Average Salary- $90,530

Budget Analyst

The budget analyst is a job role similar to a financial analyst. They majorly utilize their knowledge and apply them to analyze budgets and investigate the effect of implementation of the same in a new venture. They are responsible to produce a budget that best fits with the progress of the organization.

Average Salary- $73,840


A finance graduate can also take up the job role of an Actuary. An actuary is a business professional who is responsible to calculate and manage the risk and uncertainty involved in a new venture or investment. It requires you to have strong mathematical skills as you will be manipulating data in software and do calculations to deliver accurate findings.  They play the leading part in finance-oriented organizations.

Average Salary- $101,560


An accountant is a business professional who has strong mathematical and accountancy skills. An accountant is generally responsible for the measurement, disclosure or provision of assurance about financial information that helps managers, investors, tax authorities and others make decisions about allocating the resource.

Average Salary- $77,290


Concluding from the above-mentioned information, it will be true to say that graduating with a degree in finance is indeed a profitable venture. It is a quick pavement towards a promising career in financial studies. With such high paying job opportunities available in the industry, a major in finance seems to be a secure pathway to breed the market in such a rat race.

Apart from high paying jobs, a finance degree provides a lot of personal and professional growth with a deep insightful knowledge of the business world. Thus, it’s like a win-win situation either way and is highly recommended.


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