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6 Job-Hunting Tips To Make Landing That New Role Incredibly Easy

6 Job-Hunting Tips To Make Landing That New Role Incredibly Easy

Students and graduates, in particular, will be no strangers to the horrors of the job hunt. It almost seems unfair that you’re allowed to get rejected so many times! Your emails will not receive replies, your applications will not get a second glance, and on the whole, it’s frustrating. The same is true for anyone, student or not. If you find yourself getting rejection after rejection, then there are ways to bounce back.

So, the following tips will help you get out of this slow period and back on track!


  1. Get yourself an online CV

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If you aren’t online, you’re missing out. Many, many recruiters use websites to find candidates, so you could be waving bye bye to many opportunities if you remain offline.

So, change this today. Whether you join LinkedIn, Reed or another similar service, ensure your complete profile is up to scratch. Job recruiters will search for keywords and specific terms, so pack your profile full of them.


  1. Professional guides and resources

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You aren’t alone in your job hunt. That’s the one silver lining of this situation. In fact, there are a tonne of resources and tools available to help you in your quest. These range from books about jobs to local consulting firms to government schemes. If you’re struggling to find a role, you should be making use of every piece of help offered to you. It could make all the difference.


  1. Don’t always chase your dream job

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There’s a saying that you will have to start from the bottom and work your way up, and it’s true. If you want to be a movie director, don’t set your eyes on this position. Get a job as a runner for a production company and build up a reputation. If you want to be a writer for IGN or Mashable, don’t look to start here. Build your own blog and take some entry level content production positions. In short, aim just underneath where you want to be for you to stand the best chance.


  1. Look at the long-term benefits of a job before applying

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It can be quite easy to get caught up in the moment. A job may seem perfect for you, but is it really? Have you considered yourself in two, four, six years time? Where will you be then. It’s important to look ahead, and not just at the present. You could end up in a job that has a glass ceiling.


  1. Ask friends and family

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If your uncle owns a DIY business, or your grandparents own a shop, ask them for a job. You’ll slap some experience on your CV and will be able to fund your next job hunt at the same time. It’s far better to be working than sat at a computer, applying for dozens of positions to no avail.


  1. Sign up for job alerts

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Many of the biggest job outlets on the web have the option of sending you job alerts to your email inbox. This way, you’ll be notified as soon as a matching position comes up. As a result, you could apply for it first and be in with a better chance of having your CV viewed.

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