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6 Simple Ways to Increase Comfort Levels for School Students

6 Simple Ways to Increase Comfort Levels for School Students

Being comfortable, happy and supported at school and college has never been more important for young people. Children deserve to have a safe space to learn and make friends everyday so that they can thrive in their normal day to day life. Your students can learn more about the real world after graduation, but for now it’s time to nurture their needs and allow them to thrive in your institution by creating a comfortable environment for everybody. Consider the following simple ways to increase comfort levels for your much-loved students.

  • Invest in New Classroom Furniture

Keeping your classroom tidy, modern and comfortable for your students is extremely important, as this will facilitate learning and help them to concentrate as much as possible. Every so often you will need to invest in new classroom stools, tables and equipment such as printers, paper, books and other types of technology. 

  • Hire Industry Experts to Discuss Niche Topics

If you’re not an expert in a certain topic, then why not hire someone to come in and talk about it? It’s always much better to hear information straight from the source, rather than try and muddle through it as a teacher who may not have experience in this realm.

  • Reduce Levels of Strictness Regarding Toilet Breaks

Some children can become anxious and worried at the thought of not being able to go to the toilet in class. Although there needs to be boundaries regarding toilet breaks and time outside of the classroom, it may be worth reassessing your policies and opting for a more laid back approach.

  • Allow Refreshments in Class

Allowing bottles of water in class or healthy snacks can help to promote concentration and allow them to have a short comfort break halfway through a long lesson. There are so many things your pupils need to concentrate on, so why not allow them to have a drink and a piece of fruit at the midway point of your lesson?

  • Create a Social Area for Students to Unwind

Your pupils deserve some downtime when it’s their break time, so why not create a comfortable common area for them to socialize? This will help them to distinguish their time in lessons to their downtime so may contribute to better behavior in the classroom.

  • Offer Pastoral Care for Those in Need

When it comes to offering pastoral care for students in schools, it has never been more important to prioritize this. If you want your school to take a positive step towards mental health in children and young adolescents, it’s important to put pastoral care at the forefront of your mind. Looking out for pupils when they’re in need and offering guidance when necessary is extremely important. Knowing the signs when a child is in need of additional support too will also help you to provide the best possible support to those who require it

Hopefully, when you put these ideas into action you will start to see a positive improvement in the overall behavior and results of your children. Providing a supportive and nurturing environment should be your number one goal and the ideas above should help you to facilitate this in the near and far future.


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