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6 Ways That a Shared Love for Sports Can Bring Cultures Together

6 Ways That a Shared Love for Sports Can Bring Cultures Together

Sport is a universal language which appeals to almost everyone in the world. Sports have been existent even before the Olympics and they are bound to be here for a very long time.

Different sports exist around the world. Countries have continued to garner praise on the different sporting activities they undertake in. However, on a global platform such as the just concluded Russia FIFA world cup, people were brought together. Sport has a way that makes people forget their background and come as one. For instance, people across nations like trying out the WSOP review to play online games.

The Top 6 Ways Sports Brings Cultures Together

Here are six ways in which sports brings a shared love for integrating culture.

  • Share History.

The history of sports is as old as the humankind. Sports are very different especially since they range from different countries.

The earliest sports were first recorded in Greece in 3000BC. It included javelin, human and chariot race throwing disk and wrestling. Sports originated in different areas. For instance, modern baseball and its rules were invented in 1845, New York.

Therefore we are brought together as we get to learn about one another’s sporting history.

  • People get to tour the world.

During 2018, FIFA world cup more than 5 million people toured the hosting cities in Russia. There were 2.8 million foreigners who travelled from their home country just to watch football.

This is just an example of what sports do to people. They get a chance to tour other countries and learn about their culture. Athletes usually get this opportunity especially when competing on an international scale.

  • Bring Peace.

Sports has been one of the main ways people get to resolve the conflict. For instance, during World War 2 the British, French and German troupes laid down their weapons during Christmas. This was known as the Christmas truce.

All sides ceased fire and played football. It became one of the most iconic moments of peace.

  • Builds Friendships

Making friends is not easy for everyone. However, put a ball in the field amidst kids and start kicking it around. The kids will join in. Even though they might be speaking different languages and have different backgrounds they will get to enjoy themselves.

Sharing a sport you love even as adults with a stranger is a way to build friendships.

  • Teach life lessons

Sports is not just a form of entertainment but a platform for teaching valuable life lessons. Some of them include:- trust discipline, teamwork, respect, leadership and hard work.

  • Same level playing field.

The world is dominated by first world countries that are more fortunate. On the other hand, there are third world class countries which are faced with a lot of problems.

However, when it comes to sports every sport is done on a fair field. It is the skill and ability of an individual that can prove them as a person. Therefore when it comes to sports does not matter where you come from.

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