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7 Halloween Ideas to Spruce Up the Office

7 Halloween Ideas to Spruce Up the Office

With the autumn leaves starting to fall and pumpkins starting to appear everywhere you look, you know that Halloween is not that far away. The annual tradition of dressing up and decorating your home with creepy crawlies and other adornments that are in line with the season will be upon you. You will need to think of decorating ideas that are ideal for your home and for your workplace too.

Coming up with ideas for Halloween décor that you can use at home is easy enough, but those that you can use in the office can be somewhat of a challenge. The décor that you choose will need to show the flavor of the season while still allowing people to do their jobs without hindrance. Here are some ideas that you might want to consider:

Black and orange balloons – orange and black are often associated with Halloween. Balloons are easy to find and use as decorations. Combine these two colors in bunches of balloons that you can place strategically all over your office or create arches out of these balloons and place these at every entrance and exit.

Carved pumpkins – you can never go wrong with the most traditional of all Halloween decorations, and a few well-crafted pumpkin heads placed all around the office can put people in the trick-or-treat mood. Not inclined to create all these carved pumpkins yourself? Hold a contest and have each department create a few of these for a prize.

Hanging witch silhouettes – print out a few witch silhouettes and place these on string that you hang from the ceiling or on walls and you have the perfect holiday-inspired décor. These can include witches flying across the moon on their broomsticks, witches looking in through windows, and other similar ideas.

Hanging bats and ghost cutouts – an alternative to witch silhouettes, or can be used with it, are cutouts of bats and ghosts. There are many designs for you to choose from. There are cartoony bats, standard bat shapes, and groups of bats that you can stick to the wall or hang up with the use of fishing line or string. There are also standard ghost in blanket shapes, Casper designs, and other ghostly figures you can print and use as décor in your office for Halloween.

Artificial cobwebs – you can find these almost anywhere a few weeks before Halloween. Just purchase a few bags of stretchy foam material or buy spray cobwebs and decorate your office with it. These are easy to put up and easy to take down, too. String a few of these across cubicles, around doors, and just about anywhere you think these will look good. You can even add a few plastic spiders in for good measure.

Creepy silhouettes – if you don’t want the traditional witch and bat designs that most people use during this time of the year, you can opt for other Halloween silhouettes that you can find online. You can choose shadowy figures of skeletons, monsters, and even tentacles that you can stick to your walls. You can also stick these silhouettes onto your windows.

Cartoony Halloween images – if you would rather have quirky Halloween decorations for your office, you can find a lot of these online. As a suggestion, you can find free Halloween office decor by Inkjets.com and print these out before cutting them out. Some options you have include Frankenstein’s monster, tombstones, skulls, ghosts, and even pumpkins. You can put these up on walls, hang these from the ceiling, and post these on glass doors and windows.

These are just a few ideas you can use to spruce up your office for Halloween. You can choose to purchase posters, silhouettes, images, and designs that are ready-made or you can choose to find unique ones and print your own. The choice is yours and what you pick will determine just how well-decorated your office will be for this season.


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