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7 ways travel can boost your resume

7 ways travel can boost your resume

We usually think about travel as a thrilling adventure or relaxing holiday. But traveling can mean much more than that. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a short holiday or a gap year, traveling can turn into an experience which can potentially bring you new career opportunities. And it can seriously improve your resume – here are 7 ways travel can become a deal-breaker for recruiters scanning your resume

  1. Learning a foreign language

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re working in – knowing foreign languages is something appreciated in all sectors. And we all know that there’s no better way than to learn a language than by fully immersing yourself in the reality where it’s spoken. Traveling to a foreign language speaking country for an extended time is an excellent opportunity to learn the local language first-hand. One more language in a resume will make you more attractive to future employers.

  1. Taking a course to gain a new skill

When traveling to remote locations, you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from local knowledge and skills – sometimes developed over centuries in local industries. It’s a good idea to check out opportunities for education – including regular university courses as well as internships. Culture centers and public libraries are usually the best places to start your educational adventure. One more practical skill never hurt a resume.

  1. Networking

Even if social media are today recognized as great platforms to meet new people, nothing can compare to networking face to face. During your travel you’ll be able to meet a lot of people from different cultural backgrounds, enriching your network and opening you to new possibilities. Search for networking events online and see whether there are any professional groups which host such meetings in your area. Reaching out to foreign professionals in your sector might be the first step to revolutionizing your career.

  1. Teaching

When abroad, you can easily offer your services as a teacher – you don’t need to have a degree in education to become one. You can teach skills you excel at or anything else that you consider yourself expert on. Contact local education institutions to be a guest speaker – it can be a high school, community center or public library. Teaching your first language is another great idea for filling up a gap in your resume with a valuable experience.

  1. Volunteering

Volunteering is easily one of the most popular activities for all those who choose to extend their travel or take a gap year. Volunteering experience always looks great on resumes – and you’ll be making a difference to the local community and society. Volunteering equals work experience and shows that you’re an active person who easily adapts to different cultural contexts.

  1. Getting more work experience

Sometimes you feel like traveling, but you simply cannot sacrifice your income. Why not try working abroad to get more experience in your field? Check with your current employer if the organization offers opportunities in other locations. Search for seasonal or temporary work on job search websites. An internship is a great idea if you have little professional experience or would like to join a different sector.

  1. Highlighting skills required for travel organization

We all know that the skills required for planning an extended trip are highly valuable and can greatly improve a resume. Excellent organization, attention to detail and the ability to work independently are skills which will impress recruiters. Other traits like research, negotiation or financial know-how are all sought-after in many industries – and you can easily prove them with the example of your travel.

Needless to say, traveling can turn out to be a major career opportunity. Learning new skills or languages, developing contacts with local professionals and getting to know other cultural perspectives will all enrich your resume and make you stand out among other professionals.

Will Norquay is a frequent business traveller who shares his experiences and thoughts writing for Stayz. Stayz is Australia’s #1 holiday rental website.


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