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A guiding hand – 5 ways you can help your child at school

A guiding hand – 5 ways you can help your child at school

When your child heads off to school for the first time, it can feel a little daunting. For the first time in your life they’re just a little out of your reach. This is about the time that our minds go into overdrive and we start worrying about how they’ll cope without us, if they’ll make friends, or if they’ll understand what they’re being taught. It’s completely natural of course, but chances are your little one will fit right in at school, and completely thrive in their new environment.

Thankfully, there are ways that you can help your child at school. Ways you can improve their learning and encourage them to produce good work and get good grades. Check them out below.

Get them the tools they need

Ensuring that your child has all the tools they need at home will help them with their studies. Having plenty of stationary, a computer with internet access, printer ink and other school supplies will make things like school projects and homework much easier. If your child is worrying about their spelling and grammar then you could consider investing in a proofreading service. Check out this proofreading service from scribbr if you want to find out more.

Meet with their teacher

Getting to know their teacher is a great way to feel involved in their studies and figure out what’s happening on a day to day basis. Meeting with your child’s teacher also makes it easier to flag up any concerns that they have with you, and likewise you’ll be able to approach them with any queries or worries that you have. If your child is struggling with something specific then you can always ask the teacher for ways that you can help at home.

Allow your child to follow their passion

It’s common at school for both parents and children to feel the pressure of being good at every subject. And sometimes, if your child is struggling with a particular subject then it can be a cause to worry. However, it’s much better to accept that not all children are great at everything, and instead of focusing on the negative encourage the passions and talents they have for other subjects. If they have an artistic streak then don’t hold back on the praise, let them know that you’re proud of them and don’t put any pressure on them to excel at the other subjects they’re not as confident with.

Talk about school

Most children won’t talk about their school day unless they are prompted to. So, always try to have a conversation about how their school day was. Try not to bombard them with questions straight off the bus, chat over dinner or during the evening when everyone is much more relaxed.

Get involved

Don’t be afraid to get involved with bake sales, career days and helping out on field trips. Volunteering and becoming a positive presence around school shows that you have an interest in your child’s education. Most children love seeing their parents in and around school! So, don’t worry too much about embarrassing them too much (just yet!).


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