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Avoid Bombing Up Your Skype Interview With These Helpful 6 Tips

Avoid Bombing Up Your Skype Interview With These Helpful 6 Tips
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When applying to study or work abroad, many of you may go through the phase of a Skype interview. These Skype interviews reflect highly on the type of person you are, the way you present yourself and the way you will one day be representing the institute you are applying in. In this case, even small mistakes can lead to a negative remark. Here are some of the mistakes you can avoid during and before your Skype interview:

  1. Not Being Prepared

The worst thing you can possibly do before an interview is not be prepared.  Overconfidence can break a person entirely, so never assume that you will be successful no matter what happens. Interviewers ask a lot of technical and confusing questions and in the heat of the moment, you can easily forget the answers to even personal questions and skip out on the important achievements of your life making yourself an unworthy candidate.

  1. Not Checking Your Equipment Before The Interview

Technology is extremely unreliable and usually causes trouble when you need it the most. Check all your equipment including your microphone, webcam and speakers and anything else you might need beforehand. Also, check to see if there is any background noise and try to eliminate it. Try doing multiple test calls to see if any problem persists and try to solve it before the interview starts.  It doesnot hurt to always have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

  1. Dress Appropriately

Taking an interview at home in no way gives you the freedom to dress the way you want. Your physical appearance shows the amount of interest you are showing in the interview. Sometimes, interviewers may check your dressing by asking you to get up and grab something. Also, try to avoid flashy jewellery as they can be distracting and will also be making noise when you move your hand or shake your head. Keep in mind that you are giving an interview, not attending a party.

  1. Choose A Proper Background

Inappropriate posters, family pictures, toys, books lying about etc. all speak volumes about how organized you are. All these things not only leave a bad impression on the interviewer, it is also quiet disturbing as the person’s attention may linger at everything in the background instead of you. Try sitting at a table or a desk to create an air of formality, and keep the things in the background to a minimum.

  1. Lack Of Confidence

Do not hesitate or fidget during the interview. These things often tell that a person is lying or trying to make up a story to get himself out of a sticky situation. Be confident, and look directly at the interviewer.Do not look at your own picture in the corner and in case that doesnot work,try covering it up. Always remember that you should be proud of the achievements in life no matter how small they are.

  1. Eating Or Drinking during the interview

Do not eat or drink anything during the interview. You donot take food with you during an interview, so therefore a Skype interview should be no different. Even drinking water is prohibited as it will only show lack of interest in the interview.And worst of all, you might drop something on your computer and damage it, thus ending the call.

These tips sums up some of the most common mistakes people make during an interview. You should always know that your immense knowledge will not help you if you cannot present it in front of someone.

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Kristy Megan is a counselor who helps student buy coursework from a reliable coursework writing service provider. Furthermore, she shares valuable networking and interview tips to help students bag their dream job easily.

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