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Award-Winning Career ‘Advice’ from Justin Timberlake

Award-Winning Career ‘Advice’ from Justin Timberlake
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USUALLY at the MTV Video Music Awards each year, SOME artist attempts to out-shock something another artist did the year prior (a truly bizarre/awesome/horrific stage outfit, excessively foul language, a (surprise!) mega-star vocal duo, etc.) and THAT’s always the ‘water cooler talk’ the next day across social media, at the office, etc. But LAST NIGHT, whatJustin Timberlake did TOTALLY takes the cake…and is THE most significantly and impactful thing you can EVER do for your career….

And it’s quick, practical and POWERFUL beyond your WILDEST dreams!

During his Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Awardacceptance speech, JT thanked his former band matesNSync (who briefly performed with him that night on stage) for their huge part in his career success to date.  JT made a point to say that out of the 14 VMA awards he has won throughout his musical career, HALF of his VMAs were won during his time with NSync…and while this award will sit at his house, it is truly meant to be shared with the rest of the guys.

The extent to which JT went, to publicly express his genuine respect and appreciation for his former band mates AND their part in who he was TODAY was far beyond  ‘’nice’, ‘politically correct’ or ‘expected’…

It also gave us all a brief glimpse into Justin Timberlake the person. You see, it’s not just that he genuinely loves what he does and he works hard at it (which is obvious), but that he values the uniquecontribution  others have made to his path to success, AND…he’s not afraid to EXPRESS IT! ( he also dedicated the award to his grandparents).

And do you think JT would be where he is today if it was otherwise?

(Note: rhetorical question, but the answer is No!)

And not only THAT, do you think that any of the guys in NSync will EVER forget this moment?

(We’re talking a video award named after Michael Jackson! THAT is legendary it itself)


And do you think that any of JT’s former band mates will be there for him, in any way he needs, at any time, in his future endeavors?

YOU BET THEY WILL!….(and gladly!)…

SO, just HOW does this relate to YOUR career?

Consider that every job, manager and colleague, etc. YOU’VE ever had (positive or negatively associated) have contributed significantly to your own lessons learned, insights, knowledge and wisdom gained, and who you are today.

DON’T FORGET to thank those you appreciate / remember most. They’ll never forget that you never forgot them.

AND, if you’re a MANAGER, or have responsibility for overseeing or managing others, do you acknowledge and thank YOUR TEAM for the good work they do when they do it? If not, it’s a great time to start.

Your attitude of gratitude will go a long way in terms of team productivity, morale and beyond, not only now, but WELL into your future.

And THAT my friends, is the story of creating genuinely Rockin’ ‘FANS’ who will gladly follow and help you throughout the duration of your career…

…um, and it’s also the story of my instantaneously ignited “Career Crush” on Justin Timberlake ;)

(Ahem, Justin, if you’re still in town, let’s grab coffee and chat more about your career, so I can share it with my readers.  And if you don’t drink coffee, I make a mean masala chai. Hit me up. )

And ‘you might hate me, but it ain’t no lie…bye bye bye bye BYE!’

Now here’s what you can do next:

1.  VIP ACTION ITEM:  Take a moment to think about those people who have made a truly significant, priceless impact (perhaps obviously or not so obviously) in YOUR career/life, and REACH OUT to them TODAY to acknowledge and THANK them (a simple phone call, email or LinkedIn message will do…or even just an invite for coffee/tea, for the sake of reconnecting).

They’ll never forget that you never forgot them.

2.  Leave a comment below, telling me what you think about this simple (but extraordinarily powerful) attitude of gratitude action, and how you plan to incorporate (or how you have successfully incorporated) it more into your life, going forward.

I’ll read every comment.

3.  Did you just have a MAJOR “A-ha!” moment while reading this article? Are you totally rip-roarin-PSYCHED and ready to shake things up, and create a NEW attitude, world of perspective andpossibilities for yourself and your dream career? …

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Vicki Aubin – The Rockin’ Career Coach is a coach, speaker, author and rocker based in New York City, who helps extraordinary individuals from all walks of life who are suffering in a cubicle to unleash their inner rockstar, market their juiciest talents, and fast-track their escape to a kick-ass career that makes them come alive. With over 10 years in Human Resources and Recruiting, Vicki is a featured guest on LinkedIn’s Ask the Expert Video Series, a volunteer career counselor at New York University, a guest blogger for several popular career websites and the author of Headhunter LinkedIn Super Secrets. She is also the creator of the Cubicle Detox.

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