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Be The Better Judge of Yourself – What Type of a Leader Are You?

Be The Better Judge of Yourself – What Type of a Leader Are You?

An effective leader leads in a variety of situations with different types of people. Your leadership style begins early in the school life; some children make friends very fast, while others are happy to just be a part of the team. As the time passes, your qualifications and jobs shape a leader’s psychology. There are different leadership styles needed to reach a point in life when you meet nothing but pure success and achievement. Among the various leadership styles, take a look at the following few and be the better judge of which type best describes your leadership style the best:

  1. A Charismatic Personality

Your personality plays a vital role in becoming a leader, and an influential personality takes you way close to being a successful leader. You possess a fairly charismatic personality if you are working energetically, believing more in yourself than in the entire team or always encouraging others to work harder and move forward.

This type of a personality is extremely useful, especially when you want to bring others to action, to motivate your team or to expand your company’s position in market. Your charismatic personality will always make a positive impact on others. The success of your company is always connected to your presence and if you leave, your company or a certain project will always be at risk.

  1. A Situational Leader

You link behaviours with the readiness of the group. You will always be there when things need to be taken care of. Be it retirement, reinvention or refinement, you will be there. Not only such leaders are empowering and have a coaching personality but they are also very supportive and have that directing quality in them. You can, without a doubt, reduce uncertainties if you appropriately adapt to the behaviour. However, you can become a bit confusing if your behaviour, very often, changes unpredictably.

  1. Innovative Thinker

You know how to catch up with impossible challenges in order to take the entire situation in total control. You excel in bringing new action and think to play smartly if you see things are not working properly. You encourage giving everyone at the workplace a chance to express their way of thinking in order to develop new services and products.

This type of innovative personality makes a wonderful impact in the workplace since the team gains satisfaction by receiving a perfect environment of respect for their ideas. Your leadership assures them that success always impedes progress.

  1. Commander And Controller Of Situations

You always follow the rules yourself first and then expect others to follow them too. This type of leadership style is of immense importance, especially when unexpected situation arise that hasno time for discussions, when you have to meet a specific deadline, when company’s safety is at stake or when you are the only decision maker. Although, this type of behaviour should not be used on a daily basis since it restricts others to develop their own skills.

  1. Having The Power Of Transforming Others

As a leader, you always encourage the team to pursue creative ideas and expect them to transform even when everything seems impossible. Your team members are always looking for your motivation that strengthens their enthusiasm and optimism. This motivation and encouragement leads to higher engagement and productivity from all the members.

In order to invent yourself as a successful leader, a lot of persistence and perseverance are needed so that you do not lose the sight of your goal. Leadership does not only mean that you have to operate everything from the front; you sometimes have to let others shine by leading from the rear too.


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