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Benefits of Silicone Rubber Seals Among Industries

Benefits of Silicone Rubber Seals Among Industries

Combining silicon together with molecules of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon creates a synthetic elastomer called silicone rubber. Silicone is mostly generalized as rubber, but can also be classified as a hybrid of rubber and plastic. All these elements combined make it a powerful sealing material.

Silicone rubber is also a widely sought-after material used in numerous applications. An elastomer with unique properties, silicone rubber can be used as a lubricant or an adhesive and is also used for coating, sealing, tubing and potting across various industries. 

Benefits of silicone rubber seal

Silicone rubber comprises siloxane (a silicon-oxygen chain). It displays the structure that contains the Si-O bond, which provides it with the following benefits:

  • High resistance to extreme temperatures, UV radiation, ozone, moisture, rain, sun, electromagnetic waves, harsh environments and strong chemicals.
  • Optical transparency and easily colorable
  • Good insulation and electrical properties
  • Easily moldable and versatile
  • Bio-compatible
  • Thermal stability
  • Easy sterilization

Silicone rubber usage among industries

These starking benefits that silicone possesses make it one of the most desired materials among multiple industries.


In the automotive industry, silicone rubber gaskets are used in water pumps and curbs engines’ temperatures. This material can be used as a sealant, connector and as a radiator. Because of its high resistance to chemicals, moisture and heat, silicone rubber is also used in the making of spark plug tires, engine covers and valve covers. 

Silicone mixed with other additives is used in applications such as windshield wiper blades, dampers and harness elements. The making of lenses and reflectors for vehicles also involves silicone rubber participation. LED headlights and silicone lenses offer transparency similar to glass for better clarity. 


Silicone rubber is highly bio-compatible, and due to its ability to tolerate extreme heat and string chemicals, it is easy to sterilize. In the medical and healthcare industry, silicone rubber is used to make respiratory devices, anesthetics like masks, medical equipment like tubes and membranes, catheters, cables, bottles and containers. 

Because medical apparatuses hold high importance, only high-quality silicone must be used. This polymer is also used as o-rings, gaskets, seals and valves in various medical applications.


Silicone rubber is used in aircraft to seal doors and windows making sure the passengers are safe. It also helps to drown out loud engines noises. Silicone is a reliable substance that absorbs the shock of landing, collision and high vibrations while also withstanding the high and low temperatures at different altitudes. 

The engines and gas turbines also use silicone for sealing purposes. Silicone is also needed to protect the electrical equipment and instruments in the cockpit. The need for hydraulic seals in the tail and wings of the aircraft is also met by silicone. Silicone is used in airplanes and space carriers protecting the vessel from extremely high to extremely low temperatures and any exterior space collisions. 

Food Industry

Silicone rubber is non-toxic and is extremely safe to use in food processing and packaging. It is also used to make baking trays and baking molds, spatulas, grinder lids and seals, lunch boxes, etc. Packaging of drinks or juice boxes is also done with the help of silicone rubber. As silicone has the ability to withstand heat and sterilizing fluids, it can be used as a cooking utensil or tool.


Thanks to its insulation properties, insulators, engine gaskets, control units seals and cable terminations use silicone rubbers. Equipment used for lighting purposes such as illuminators, lens molds, diffusers and reflectors also benefits from silicone rubbers. 

When combined with carbon black or metal, silicone rubbers tend to transform into good conductors of electricity and can be used as connectors and energy transmitters. Otherwise, silicone rubbers generally show brilliant insulation characteristics.

Silicone Rubber Will Always Be in Demand

Unique attributes of silicone rubber make it a heavily reliable material and is rightfully one of the top choices for manufacturers in varied fields. The silicone market is continually growing because of its high demand. A requisite in all productions, silicone rubber proves to be a beneficial long-term investment.



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