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9 Books All Business Majors Should Read

9 Books All Business Majors Should Read
Jessica Bahr

8. Linchpin by Seth Godin



It’s an interesting concept that Godin presents: the organization linchpin, an individual capable of functioning without a rulebook. This person creates art and doesn’t just work. Ever heard of the indispensable individuals in a workplace? Yep, these are the linchpins Godin refers to.

If you’re looking for freedom at work, this is the start. Other titles by Seth Godin; Poke the Box, Tribes, The Icarus Deception

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Jessica Bahr

Jessica is a social media enthusiast working in the user experience and customer experience optimization industry. You can find her on Twitter (@Jessabahr) or talking about technology news and mobile-first app design on the Internet Pandas podcast. She has a background in process engineering and graduated with a degree in Integrated Supply Chain Management from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville, School of Business.

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