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Break Away From The After Graduation Blues

Break Away From The After Graduation Blues

Getting a job is tough, getting a job as a graduate can be a little tougher. Sure, you’ve got that degree. It’s the work experience which can be a little tougher to get. However, there are other things you can do to edge your way into work and out of the slump. Remember, it’s hard to get a job right away. Sure, some of your friends or classmates might have lined up work right out of college, but that doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong. The point is that everyone is different and approaches life in varied ways. It means there’s no right way. The very fact you’re reading this article is because you want to get out of the slump you’re in. It can be hard leaving college, realising that life has now changed and you won’t be spending it with the same people. Hopefully these tips can give you something to think about.

Look For Gaps In The Job Market

Especially within your chosen niche. Your chosen niche is either the degree in which you studied, or the field of work you want to push into. There are always shortages. If you can jump into one of these gaps, in any capacity, you can get your work experience. It might be an emergency veterinarian jobs or perhaps you’ve just studied accountancy and can find an entry role at a firm which needs some help. Finding these jobs can be pretty tough. If you’ve got industry contacts from studying, tap into them. There are so many job application sites out there but the trick is to try and find a niche one, which advertises directly in your industry instead of one which advertises for everyone. Failing that, find one which covers a specific area. It depends on the industry you’re looking at but it’s only natural that certain gaps appear in the market at differing times.

Engage In Hobbies

Keep going with your hobbies. Just because you’re working, or are looking for work, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy nice hobbies. It’s all about time management. This can really help you feel better if you’re suffering after graduation because it’s a continuation of certain elements of college life. Especially if you engage in them with your friends.Just make sure to keep time for job hunting and you’ll be fine. 

Focus On Your Health

When people are down and feeling sad they can often neglect their health. If you do this it’s going to worsen your chance of finding that job. Make sure you take time to focus on you. Address what’s wrong, be it mental or physical, and try to make time for exercise. It might be in the use of a percussion massage gun to help painful areas on the body, or it might be practicing mindful techniques or talking to a friend if you’re starting to feel a bit low. Don’t neglect it. Even if you’ve got your nose to the grindstone looking for another job you have to make time for your health.

Consider Further Education

There’s no harm in staying. If you think your future job prospects can be supported by further education then go for it. Just check the financial situation first because certain places make it pretty tough to apply for bursaries for postgraduate education. You need to ask yourself whether or not you’ll truly use the masters or doctorate degree or whether you’re just choosing to stay because you’re scared of what’s outside. At the same time, you don’t have to stay where you are. Consider new institutions and colleges for the next step in your academic career. This might be the next college over or an entirely different country. 

Go It Alone

Many more people are becoming self-employed or entrepreneurs, there’s no reason you can’t be one of them. Perhaps you might like to leverage an idea you thought about in university or focus on something that interests you. There are multiple ways you can push into business alone. The Amazon FBA model has worked for many and is a case of sourcing products and selling them on the platform. You can do it yourself too with your own website. The Shopify dropshipping method works in the same way with limited overheads due to the products coming direct from the suppliers. Going it alone can be pretty tough, especially with limited work experience. However, some people just work better by themselves and without others. If you think this might be you then spend some time researching what you need before taking the plunge. 

Success Outside of Class

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