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Can Qualifications Still Benefit Entrepreneurs?

Can Qualifications Still Benefit Entrepreneurs?

Many people get qualifications to improve their job prospects. When applying to work at a company, having certain qualifications on your resume could improve your chances of getting hired. In some industries, you may not even be able to get hired by an employer unless you have specific qualifications (i.e. medicine, law, finance).

But what about if you have plans to become an entrepreneur? If you’re setting up your own business, you don’t need to convince an employer that you’re capable – you are your own boss. 

While you can easily start a business without qualifications, there could still be reasons to improve your credentials. Below are just a few ways in which qualifications could still benefit you as an entrepreneur. 

Meet legal requirements for your trade

In some industries, having certain qualifications could be a legal requirement. For instance, you cannot start your own one-man electrical business without the right licensing and credentials. Not having the right credentials could result in you being forced to close your business and fined if you’re found out. 

There are some ways around this of course – you may be able to start a dental practice yourself without being a qualified dentist, so long as you hire qualified clinicians to do the actual dental work. 

Prove to customers that you’re a qualified expert

Qualifications may not be necessary to win over an employer, but they could still be necessary for winning over customers. When marketing your company, being able to boast that you have qualifications could help to win over certain customers’ trust. 

Personal bio pages have become a popular feature on modern business websites for helping to humanize a company. Some customers may be reassured to see that you’ve listed qualifications in your personal bio. Even if you’ve got years of experience, qualifications can still add merit by showing a certain level of knowledge and passion, as this personal bio from Barr Rosenberg shows. Of course, such qualifications should ideally be relevant to your business.

Gain initial industry experience as an employee

Before starting your own business within a certain industry, it could be beneficial to get industry experience as an employee working for another company. For instance, before starting your own digital marketing business, it could be beneficial to work as an employee for another digital marketing firm – this could allow you to build a better understanding of how such a business works. While you won’t need qualifications to start your own digital marketing company, you may need qualifications when applying to such a company as an employee.

Build your own knowledge and self-confidence

In many industries, taking a course could be essential for equipping you with the necessary skills and knowledge. For instance, pursuing a pet grooming qualification before becoming a professional pet groomer could be useful for teaching you various skills and facts. Of course, you may be able to learn such skills and knowledge from reading books, attending seminars and watching online videos instead – however a course might help you to be more disciplined with your learning. You may also feel more confident starting a business with a qualification behind you that is relevant to that business.

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