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Career benefits of studying a dual MSc and MA in Strategic Marketing

Career benefits of studying a dual MSc and MA in Strategic Marketing

Do you intend to start a dual, double or joint degree? Also known as double degree courses, these are courses that give two degrees instead of one and which bring the two degrees consecutively in less time. These programmes are aimed at learners who want to acquire marketing skills from a strategic point of view. These courses help you to learn how to bring a competitive advantage to companies and how to understand customers today. You also learn marketing techniques and tools which are helpful to successful marketing campaigns. Most students who apply for these programmes have previous experience in the field of business. A master’s degree in strategic marketing has many advantages. You’ll learn project management abilities during your education that will benefit you significantly. You will learn project management skills during your education, which will be beneficial to you in the workplace. You will be eligible for a multitude of employment positions after graduation.

What will both degrees provide in strategic marketing?
The Dual Master programme offer you the basis for a successful marketing career. An MA will provide students with invaluable knowledge and expertise in an increasingly competitive business environment, as part of the Strategic Marketing programme. You will explore modules that cover fundamental marketing elements such as strategic marketing management, behavioral aspects of marketing, strategic marketing research, integrated marketing communications, marketing and social efficiency measurement, international marketing and digital media marketing.

Once the assigned modules are completed, you will focus on working with a relevant organisation on some kind of marketing project. In order to deal with a live marketing problem and to provide possible solutions, your marketing project offers you the opportunity to implement the knowledge and skills of the learned modules.
For companies to deliver their message on a competitive market place, strategic marketing is crucial in all businesses. The option of Dual MSc and MA in Strategic Marketing enables you to succeed in a constantly changing marketing globe with advanced abilities and knowledge.

During the study, you will acquire a fundamental understanding of crucial marketing
concepts and a better view of a specific marketing degree. There are five specialisations:

  • Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Worldwide Marketing
  • Luxury Brand Management
  • Sales Management–cover many complicated fields of marketing.

Career opportunities/ jobs in strategic marketing:
You will be able to work in a wide range of multinational companies, non-government and public sector organisations and consultancies such as the following:

  • Marketing/marketing communications manager
  • Brand strategist
  • Social media strategist
  • Corporate media executive
  • Marketing research manager
  • Marketing/communication consultant

Strategic marketing can also help a company to get more revolutionary and enter the market in a better way. In their strategic marketing plans, companies can use communication techniques such as newsletters, podcasts, and e-mails.

Different departments in business often work together to develop a strategic marketing plan. A strategic marketing manager can meet employees in operations, sales, and administration when drafting a new marketing plan to develop and identify marketing objectives. A strategic marketing director usually sets a deadline for achieving these objectives. Strategic marketing plans should meet these objectives:

  • Setting realistic objectives
  • Creating business tactics that are more effective
  • Taking past marketing failures into account
  • Improving performance
  • Identifying the most important ways that business operations must change

Important facts concerning strategic marketing careers

Market Research Analyst:

Work environment: full-time, commonly in a teamwork setting and sometimes under a deadline

Similar occupations: Cost Estimator, Public Relations Specialist, Survey Researcher

Key skills: analytical, detail oriented, and communication skills

Professional certification: the Professional Researcher Certification is available

Marketing Managers:

Work environment: full-time, often working with top executives and sometimes travelling

Similar occupations: Financial Manager, Sales Manager, Advertising Sales Agent

Key skills: creativity, decision-making, organisational and interpersonal skills

Professional certification: the Marketing Management Professional Certification is available

Modern marketing professionals have more communication channels and marketing tools at their disposal than ever before, so an up-to-date knowledge of the modern marketing environment is an essential requirement for success.

Companies use strategic marketing in order to determine customer requirements and develop a marketing plan for customer satisfaction, performance improvement and increase in profit. Typically an organisation will create a written marketing strategic plan which stipulates how it uses the type of marketing programmes and how these programmes are carried out in given time duration. An organisation can develop and boost its market dominance by outlining how it involves customers and employs new sales and marketing methods.


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