Career Breakthroughs: Read This and You'll Know How to Pass the CPA Exam Without Being An Accounting Major - Undergrad Success

Career Breakthroughs: Read This and You’ll Know How to Pass the CPA Exam Without Being An Accounting Major

Career Breakthroughs: Read This and You’ll Know How to Pass the CPA Exam Without Being An Accounting Major

Accounting professionals have almost limitless earning potential depending on where they choose to work and in what industry they are employed. Would-be certified public accountants must fulfill all prerequisites for qualifying to take the CPA exam. However, financial professionals aren’t required to be accounting majors to take the test. Reviewing how to pass the CPA exam without being an accounting major helps these budding professionals take the next step in their financial careers.

Taking Online CPA Classes

Taking CPA classes online help individuals who want to become a certified public accountant can get the training they need without completing a four-year accounting degree program. The courses provide everything they need to pass the CPA examination, including practical skills and financially-based laws. At the end of the course, the individual can get a certificate of completion and has access to tools to help them prepare for the CPA exam. Practice tests are available and give the applicants options for studying for the examination. Refresher courses are available for individuals who need to review any concepts covered on the examination. Anyone who wants to get the skills they need can learn more about CPA Online Courses now.

Complete Any Degree Program

Before students can take a CPA exam, they must have a four-year degree program, but it’s not necessary for them to complete an accounting degree to become a certified public accountant. The student can choose any field of study they prefer as long as they graduate with a degree in their preferred major. Most states require all certified public accountants to have at least a bachelor’s degree and provide documentation and official transcripts of all courses they completed.

Gain Experience in the Field

To qualify for the CPA examination, the individual must gain experience as an accountant. The current requirements are at least one to two years of accounting experience. Anyone who is interested in getting entry-level experience can work through a variety of employers to complete the prerequisite. For example, the individual could work closely with a tax preparation service and gain experience or even work for an auto dealership in the accounting department. Just as long as the applicant gains at least one year of experience, the applicant will qualify to take the CPA examination and get their license as a CPA.

Schedule the CPA Examination

Scheduling the CPA examination requires the individual to complete an application and submit documentation for their degree program, CPA classes, and experience in the field. When applying to take the examination, the applicant must pay a fee for taking the test. Once the examination is scheduled, the individual must go to the testing facility identified on their notification. That notification also provides the date and time for the exam. Typically, it is a written examination, and the proctor explains how long the applicants have to complete their exams. If they don’t pass the test, the individuals must reapply for the test.

Accounting professionals become certified public accountants by passing the CPA exam and fulfilling all career prerequisites. All applicants who want to take the exam must have a four-year degree in their preferred field of study. It doesn’t have to be accounting or even a financial field. Reviewing how to pass the CPA exam without being an accounting major helps aspiring accountants get their start in a lucrative career.


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