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Careers For Those Not Yet Done With The World Of Education

Careers For Those Not Yet Done With The World Of Education

A lot of people are more than happy to get away from the world of education after finishing their undergrad degree. Some might go on for a Masters or another further qualification to help them get into a specific career. But there are others who find that they’ve grown to really love the world of education. If you’re amongst those people, then you might find that there’s a broader range of career options than you think.

Back to school

Middle-school and high-school teaching is the most common career of choice for those with an interest in educating others. The job is demanding, often as much about getting teenagers to pay attention and stay engaged with what they’re supposed to be learning as it is about the topics you’re teaching. A major in Education is going to be the best, quickest route to becoming a teacher, but there are plenty of states that offer more specialized certificates for those who have chosen other majors.

Shaping the youngest minds

Some people choose to teach at an earlier age because they think working with children is easier than working with teenagers. They’ll soon find it demands more than they would expect it to. But others want to teach in preschool and grade school because they know a good education starts early. In these careers, it’s mostly about teaching the basics of literacy, math, and science to prepare kids for the work ahead in school. But you can also specialize in teaching children with special needs to not only make a bigger salary but make sure that disadvantaged kids get the best possible entrance to education. Beyond a bachelor’s degree, many preschools and grade schools require childhood certification qualifications.

Teach across the world

If teaching at a local school seems a little too pedestrian for you, then getting qualified in TESOL could be your plane ticket across the world. In various countries but particularly East Asia, English teachers are in high demand. A mastery of the English language isn’t all you need, of course. You need some training in how to teach it, as well. But once you have that, you could be teaching abroad in a lot of different capacities, from kids to adults, people in education and in employment.

Sticking to academia

Perhaps the lecture hall, the campus, and the library are where you feel most at home. If you want to stay there, then you might aim to become a college professor.  This is the longest career route, requiring teaching experience, experience in your field of expertise, and some level of academic research and publication. But to many, it’s worth it. College professors have one of the best-protected careers in the world once they get tenure and are constantly on the forefront of changes in academia.

Take it private

Regardless of what you want to teach, at what level, you can do it one-to-one, as well. Tutors might have to work harder to find clients, but many report a greater level of satisfaction when they’re able to see a direct impact in a student’s results thanks to their efforts.

Teaching in school is always an option, but it’s not the only one. You could go anywhere, from the classroom to the lecture hall, from the client’s home to halfway across the world. If you think teaching is for you, then there are plenty of different ways to do it.


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