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Say Goodbye to These 4 People — They Are Weighing You Down

Say Goodbye to These 4 People — They Are Weighing You Down
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Your college career is winding down and life is “suddenly” getting very, very real. You’re sick of paying for things in quarters and you’re ready for bigger and better things where you can spend real dollar bills. If it’s time for you to move past the college lifestyle, then part of that process includes cleaning up your rolodex…well, your smart phone contacts. The people you associate with started being important long-ago, but it’s easy to keep people around for the fun, getaway type weekends we all need. As you make a move away from college, it becomes absolutely vital to hang around the right people. This means cutting ties with the wrong ones.

Here are the 4 people who shouldn’t see the inside of your smart phone contacts ever again.

The Enabler: This is your lazy and unmotivated friend. She’s the girl wearing yoga pants Monday thru Friday and he’s also the guy that sleeps through every class … or doesn’t even show up. Sure, it was fun to skip class on an occasional Friday, but you can’t continue to play hookie if you expect to make something of yourself. Spend enough time with Yoga Pants Yolanda or Class Skipping Steve and soon you’ll be convinced that it’s okay to give up on your real dreams to become a Henna Tattoo artist on the beach wearing nothing but your cut-off sweatpants from Abercrombie.

Party Prince(ss): This is your standard hot mess of a friend. How many of these friends does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one, but he or she stands there the entire time while the world continues to revolve around them as they drink their vodka out of a Gatorade bottle. Keep them in your life and soon your world actually will revolve around them. This person is drama. They create it. They feed off of it. They crave it. Your 6:30am alarm is going to come awfully early by continuing to take care of Drunken Dana and Inebriated Ian every Thursday night. Trust me. It’s more of a hassle than this person is worth.

The Pessimist: This person is cancerous. He or she can turn any fun conversation into the most awkwardly negative talk you’ve ever heard. Seriously, pessimism is the bad bitch your mother warned you about. This friend will always be around to complain about how much everything sucks…their résumé, their job, their lack of job experience, their significant other. It all just sucks. This person will figuratively *ahem* suck the life out of  you. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Make sure they count; and bid adieu to Pessimistic Pete and Negative Nancy.

Forever Freshman: This is the friend that has yet to — and probably never will — grow up. He or she is similar to the Party Prince(ss) as they always know of the best weeknight house party and latest campus gossip. You’re pretty certain this friend of yours should have already graduated. In fact, you’re convinced of this as they have 5-years of intramural trophies on their wall but suspiciously keep playing. They spend a little too much time with their Greek Little’s and now have some Grand & Great-Grand-Little’s. It’s a little easier to leave Van Wilder behind because he or she will never actually leave college.


Friendships aren’t just about extracting value…they are about giving, too. Determine which of your friends will allow the two of you to grow the most. Keep those who shape — or have shaped — you into a better person. Find, create, and foster honest relationships.  Push yourself to associate with those who will motivate, inspire, and challenge you on a regular basis. Remember: you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Don’t forget it.

Clear your contacts list and start making time for new friends.
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