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College Group Projects Don’t Need To Be A Nightmare

College Group Projects Don’t Need To Be A Nightmare

Sometimes working with others can be an experience filled with dread. Especially if a large percentage of your grade is dependent on work, you only have a small amount of control over. The good news is that there are some strategies you can use to make group projects run like a dream. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Hone your interpersonal skills 

Even the most introverted person can excel at group projects if they have the right internal personal skill to support them. In fact, being able to communicate effectively with and relate to other people can make a massive difference. Not only to your college work but also when you get out into the wider world as well. 

Happily, there are several things you can do to boost your interpersonal abilities. The first is to make sure you understand yourself well. In fact, you can reveal your personality type by taking the Enneagram test online. Then you will be armed with the knowledge of what drives you and what you are most trying to avoid. Something that can help you to be much more aware of habitual patterns of interaction with others when you are in a group. 

The second way to boost your interpersonal skills is to focus on listening to what others have to say. In fact, by being able to hear the real meaning of what others in your group are trying to convey, you can form a much more productive team. Something that should ensure you all come out with the top grades that you are looking for. 

Delegate tasks based on strengths

The whole point of group work is that you cannot do everything yourself. What this means is you must be good at delegating the different tasks that need to be completed. 

In fact, assigning a person to a particular task based on their strengths is the best way to go about this. Although, this does rely on the ability of each group member to know what type of task they are good at. 

Stay in touch 

Next, if you are looking for a dream group project experience, expect to contact the others in your team a lot. Yes, that right while you may all have individual tasks to be working on, the way that these fit together is what your group will ultimately be judged on. 

To that end, regular progress updates, findings expositions, and troubleshooting are all essential aspects of working to ensure your group work runs as smoothly as possible. 

Commit to the project 

Finally, if you want your group project to be a success, you must commit to it. In fact, even though or perhaps because other people are working alongside you for this type of assignment, you need to take it as seriously as possible. 

That means knocking the partying on the head and attending every meetup online and in real life. It also means pulling your weight when you are not in the physical presence of the group. Only then can you guarantee that your project work will run like a dream instead of being a nightmare. 


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