Competency Is King - Rejuvenate Your Opportunities By Making Yourself The Golden Resource - Undergrad Success

Competency Is King – Rejuvenate Your Opportunities By Making Yourself The Golden Resource

Competency Is King – Rejuvenate Your Opportunities By Making Yourself The Golden Resource

In this saturated job market, the competitive fields are all spoilt for choice of who to recruit to their prestigious firms. Many people are qualified, more than ever, and so making yourself stand out is of paramount importance. However, this might not simply be located in places you might initially expect. No matter how highly accredited you are in the field you’re looking to enter, you can always benefit from the same stock of virtues and behaviors that can give you a leg up. If you’re truly dedicated to achieving a good position in the field of your choice, you will need to employ the following tactics to make yourself an even better prospect of hire.


It sounds almost offensive to tell someone who has worked hard in their industry to work on their body in order to get a job. It’s not as if you need to raise your shirt sleeve and flex your bicep to impress your potential employer and secure most jobs, as if the job market was some form of spartan society only impressed with feats of strength.

However, being fit and healthy can help in many, many different ways. Someone who is fit and healthy obviously shows respect for themselves and their body. It will improve your posture and help you seem more authoritative. It will give you heightened energy levels and make your mind more focused. It will show that you’re able to tackle challenges and stick to a consistent schedule.

Plus, there’s nothing that employees love reading in the ‘hobbies’ section of your resume than the fact that you enjoy embarking on some form of fitness or sporting hobby. It shows self-reliance, the ability to play in a team and the ability to learn and listen in your own time. Looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his time is not the goal here, but feeling healthier and more present in your body can work wonders for you, even if it simply means giving you the confidence to negotiate a more favorable contract when acquiring the job you like.

Post Grads

A simple undergraduate degree doesn’t hold as much sway as it once did. With more and more people attending university each year, more people are statistically graduating, and graduating with prestigious degrees. To make yourself stand apart from the crowd, it’s important to keep refining and honing your skills in order to make yourself more competent. You must view yourself as an independent contractor, and the only thing that will keep you in work is the ability to keep expanding your ‘golden resource,’ namely, your acquired and stable set of knowledge and the practical application of it.

Luckily, you needn’t spend thousands and thousands more on accommodation or brick and mortar tuition to further qualify yourself. All it might take is registering on online postgraduate courses to either continue learning about a specific subject or to specialize within that field. You will be able to complete these at home while working a job to sustain yourself, and before long you’ll find yourself more financially secure and better qualified than you were beforehand. Post graduate degrees show an element of dedication that employers love when assessing applications.

Keep on top of these tips, and you’re likely to open many more doors for yourself than you initially expected.


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