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Creating a Better Work-Life Balance for Yourself

Creating a Better Work-Life Balance for Yourself

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is absolutely essential for anyone. Work takes up approximately one third of the twenty four hours we have in each working day. So, you need to make sure that you’re still getting the other hours that should be free to do what you want. Of course, this will take some active effort. But hopefully, the following information, tips and areas of focus should help!

On-Site Working

Many people work from commercial premises. Whether that’s an office – as it’s a collaborative environment where teams can work together on group projects and ideas – or that you need to work on-site because you’re in a customer facing role. Restaurants, cafes, brick and mortar stores, warehouses, factories… the list of potential workplaces goes on and on. Here are some tips that can help you when you work on site that will improve your work-life balance.

Reduce Your Commute

Studies have found that commuting can have a negative impact on your overall health and wellbeing. This isn’t all too surprising. When you commute, you’re spending time and money heading to and from the workplace, which could potentially be better spent doing things you enjoy, or even just relaxing. By moving closer to your workplace and reducing your commute, you can create fewer working hours and a better work-life balance. Consider desirable locations here.

Avoid Staying Over

You have set working hours for a reason. These are the times you should be on site and working. However, so many people overstay and do extra hours. This should be avoided. You shouldn’t feel pressured to work outside of your hours and you need to set healthy boundaries where you get in at your start time and leave at your end time. Manage your time well throughout the day and there shouldn’t be any reason you can’t achieve this.

Remote Working

Right now, increasing numbers of people are beginning to interview to work from home. Many governments have encouraged this to slow the spread of new variants of coronavirus and Covid-19 around the world. Of course, this is a relatively new and unfamiliar working arrangement for the majority of people, so you may need to learn how to make it work well for you. The following suggestions should help.

Have a Dedicated Workspace

Avoid the urge to work from your bed, the sofa, or other areas of your home that are designed for relaxing in. You should disconnect your work from your social and relaxation time in your property. Instead, have a dedicated workspace that you only work in. If possible, you should seek a spare room that can be converted into a home office. If this isn’t an option, consider working from the dining table.

Consider Office Workouts

Office work may be at home or on-site is characterized by sustained sedentary time and contributes significantly to the overall sedentary exposure of office workers. Break up your workday with quality movements and office workouts for more energy and focus.

Close Your Laptop

When your working day has finished, close your laptop and don’t sign in again until the next day when you start work again. Sure, it can be tempting to check notifications when your work laptop is just sat there and you’re not doing much. But don’t do this.

Hopefully, the information above should get the ball rolling on your journey to a better and healthier work-life balance. Try implementing some of the steps and see the benefits!

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