Collaboration - Undergrad Success


Collaborating isn’t just an attitude. In fact, it’s not really an attitude at all. Yes, the willingness to collaborate and how well you do it are. But we’re looking at your collaboration on a larger scale.

What does it mean to be collaborative?

By definition, collaborative means something is produced collectively

with two or more parties. As far as this book and you should be concerned, collaborative goes beyond working as a team member, as that’s often defined by specific boundaries.

Collaboration crosses boundaries to meet the needs of the group.

Why is being collaborative important?

BREAKING NEWS: you don’t always have the best perspective.

That is why collaboration is important. Sure, you can have many perspectives on a situation. But do you have all of them?

We think not. Collaboration is a process that enables people to share skills, knowledge, and experiences in a collective space, which then strengthens the group and its objectives. Collaboration for a better life.

Collaboration goes farther than projects and work. It’s at the forefront of all relationships. Collaboration requires open communication to solve problems and find solutions in our lives. The more skilled you become at collaborating, the better off you’ll find yourself in all facets of life.

How to be a better collaborator?

1) Sit, Listen, Ask – Don’t try to be the smartest person in the group… even if you might be! There’s a room full of people waiting to share their ideas and be heard. Smart people don’t need to tell others their smart. Help lead the discussion and ask others questions.

2) Accept all ideas – Openly listen to all ideas, even if you don’t think they’re very good. It isn’t up to you to decide what is good and what’s bad.

Quick thoughts on collaboration in your job search:

Employers will be looking for job candidates who show willingness to collaborate and ability to do so effectively. They focus on outcomes and results; results matter more than the process. Everything you do in business has a customer, whether internal or external. Serve these people. Focus on accountability and trustworthiness in a team. It may sound basic, but having your work done on time and being trusted to deliver quality work is something anyone will be hired for.