Courage - Undergrad Success


Courage is our clear choice for the first critical attitude. Without courage your chances of adapting the upcoming nine critical attitudes would cease to exist. Why? Because it takes a tremendous amount of courage to become the person you wish to be.

What is courage?

Often, when we think of courage, we think of firefighters running into a burning building—or warriors in battle and soldiers in the trench. Maybe we think of the girl in our class battling cancer. It’s normal for us to think of situations where someone’s life is on the line.

One thing is certain: each of those takes an immense amount of courage. But is courage truly this rare?

We don’t believe so. The average person can live a courageous life every day. The college student who starts his own business is courageous. The girl battling depression that continues to get up each morning is courageous. Anyone who continually puts one foot in front of the other, living to fulfill his or her purpose is courageous.

Courage doesn’t just mean risking your life. Courage is your risk to be uncomfortable.

Why is courage important?

Tough times call for brave hearts and cool heads in personal improvement.

Having courage is important, because it means you’re getting outside your comfort zone. No, this doesn’t mean you’re acting foolhardy or reckless. You don’t have need to risk your life. You just have to risk being uncomfortable. To avoid states of discomfort is to avoid accepting responsibility. Test your courage – for as long as you live

Courage isn’t a one-hit wonder. The exercises we have below should be taken to heart and acted upon. Your courage to live your life on your own terms is something few people will ever actually do. Living a life on your own terms is just that: it can be whatever you want it to be.

You’ll know when something is or is not important. Your fight or flight response will be sure to remind you. You’ll get the butterflies in your stomach. You’ll get a little nervous. Maybe your hands and forehead will perspire. However your body reacts, you’ll know. Here are our top ways for you to test your courage—for as long as you live. To live a courageous life, you must strive to live at your edge of comfort.

How do you develop courage?

1) Exercise your voice – Immense courage is built in baby steps, and it starts by exercising your voice. Stand up for what you believe in. Hold conviction in yourself and have the courage to be wrong. Ask for what you want in life. You might just get it. You can start today. Think of one thing you’ve wanted to happen in your life. Go ask for it. Let us know how it goes.

2) Say, “No” – When we grow, we tend to say, “Yes” to lots of opportunities. We get pulled in a million different directions. Unsure of our own personal boundaries, we exhaust our energy levels. It’s time to say, “No”. It’s a scary thing. I understand. But courage isn’t for the faint of heart. The next time you’re being asked to do something you’re not interested in doing, say “No”.

3) Overcome a fear – What are you scared of? Go do—or be with—that thing which scares you. Take a friend or family member you trust. And conquer that fear, once and for all. It’s almost never as bad as it seems.

4) Be authentic – In a world of lies and deceit, it takes real courage to be authentic. Show up as yourself. And stand up for what you believe in. Your dreams and goals aren’t to be compromised on. Every little time you show up as yourself, your courage grows, and your journey gets a little better.

5) Change the status quo – Don’t follow the herd. Take the road less travelled. Many people may try to change your mind. That’s okay. That’s their reality of what they think you should do. Is their reality your reality? No, it’s not. Remember: be authentic. If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. That’s the status quo.

Quick thoughts on courage in your job search:

Your job search will have its ups and its downs. Stay positive in the face of rejections or adversity. Even if you’ve applied for 30 jobs without any luck, apply for job number 31. Don’t be afraid to reach out to that person who has your dream job. Ask if they’re willing to discuss their job with you. Just ask for help. You’ll be surprised. Many students are unwilling. Courage can take you a long way.