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Top 3 Crucial Aspects of Your Success

Top 3 Crucial Aspects of Your Success
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Often the only things that are stopping us from success are the limits we place on ourselves. We create glass ceilings. We make excuses. We lie to ourselves, because it’s much easier to do that than identify our flaws.

A couple weeks ago my boss got on my case about an assignment I failed to finish. Now, he had every right to be upset with me, but initially I was offended. Not so humbly speaking, I’m very good at what I do. So when my boss dropped the news that I had failed him—minor or not—I jumped to excuses quickly…

…Because it was easy.

I could have continued to claim victim and attempt to justify my actions, but that road is a very, very unproductive path. It’s the road oft traveled.

Or I could recognize that I my handling of his constructive criticisms can improve, as he wasn’t getting on my case just for the sake of doing so. He was on my case because he cares about the quality of my work and my role in his team.

So, as I thought and considered his words, I was inspired to write this article. In my young life I’ve noticed similar traits in those “idols” of mine I attempt to emulate and in other successful people. Each of them seems to have the same basic “things” in common.

With no further ado, I present to you those “things”, the Top 3 Crucial Aspects of Your Success . Enjoy yourself.


My boss said something to me that day that really stuck in my head, and upon further inspection, it’s the same element I see in successful people. “You’re amazing, but you need to be amazing all the time.”

Yes. The thought of it sounds intimidating. But the sentiment I’ve taken from it—and the one I’m relaying to you—is that it certainly does matter if you’re good a majority of the time. The real key, though, lies in your consistency. Can you be amazing all the time? Can you perform and rise to the occasion every time?

Most people can’t. And they struggle. But if you expect to be successful, you have to be consistent. It may be cliché to say this, but be the best you can be. Don’t settle for any less. Your success depends on it.


Courage doesn’t mean that you have to be fearless. It means you must recognize that you’re feeling fear, whether social pressures, financial concerns, or self-imposed comfort zones, and then proceed in the face of that fear.

You must be willing to act decisively on calculated risks. You must live outside your comfort zone. The problem with remaining inside your comfort zone is that real growth happens outside of it. Step outside. Face your fears. And be courageous.


Commitment is everything. You have to commit to your success. I don’t mean that kinda-sorta-maybe-someday-I’ll-get-around-to-it commitment. I mean that commitment that keeps you awake at night, the commitment that doesn’t allow you to stop working until the job is done.

Committing to your success brings everything else with it. It drives consistency. And it drives your courage. Set your reputation on the line. Commit to your goals. And achieve them. Anything less is you cheating yourself.

I’ll be busy working on being amazing all the time. The question is… are you going to join me? 🙂

See you next week.

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Ariel Lopez is a recruiter in the digital media space, placing marketing and advertising professionals from some of the world’s most known brands to emerging start ups in AdTech. Arial is passionate about helping others (as a college student she started a non-profit back to help middle and high school students). Currently she is using her expertise to help college students and young professionals in the areas of career development and entrepreneurship. her motto is turning passion into profit and helping others to do the same!

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