Have a Degree but Don’t Know What to Do With It? (Infographic) - Undergrad Success

Have a Degree but Don’t Know What to Do With It? (Infographic)

Have a Degree but Don’t Know What to Do With It? (Infographic)
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Many people go to school because it’s the logical next step, without thinking about their future.

Having graduated high school, that’s what we’re supposed to do, and we sometimes end up with a degree pertaining to a field in which we’re no longer interested.

But just because you have a degree in one field doesn’t mean you can’t work in another.

In fact, as you’ll see in the infographic below, that’s what post people do. So don’t put too much thought into the degree you already have.

Ask yourself what youwant to do with your future, and browse our Careers page to see how you can step onto the path of a happier future.

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