Did you know about these 5 bright career options after pursuing M.SC Chemistry? - Undergrad Success

Did you know about these 5 bright career options after pursuing M.SC Chemistry?

Did you know about these 5 bright career options after pursuing M.SC Chemistry?

The application of chemistry is an essential element in almost all industrial firms, which makes ‘Chemists’ as one of the common job profiles for chemical science graduates. Choosing chemistry as an academic qualification will help graduates to go for lucrative job roles in almost every industrial sector. This article talks about the various career opportunities that are available for aspirants who have completed their master’s degree in Chemistry.

  • Pharmaceutical Companies – This field of science is focused on designing and developing innovative chemical compounds as drugs. The chemist plays a key role in the technical section of the pharmaceutical industry, typically centered on job functions of a chemist in quality assurance, quality control and production section of the industry. They may acquire positions such as Laboratory Analyst, Quality Assurance Manager, Quality Control Manager or Production Chemist. Pharmaceutical chemists specialise in resolving all complex analytical issues including the validation and development of analytical procedures.
  • Cosmetic Companies − Cosmetic chemists are responsible for developing new formulas relating to body, skin, and hair care products, resulting in the launch of a wide range of products annually. They carry out research on raw materials, perform quality control and stability testing and report on the outcome to the director of product and brand development. They specialise in independently identifying and developing innovative and consumer-relevant technology and formulas and works in a close-knit environment. They are proficient in making critical observations, solving issues, proactively making decisions in pursuing projects, recognising patentable technology and developing strategies accordingly.
  • Food Institutes – The food industry performs tests using methods that include merging natural as well as synthetic food materials, to develop and improve the quality of food and beverages. They are responsible for developing and implementing policies and practicing procedures in regard to the decorum of the laboratory. They are also expected to be able to lead a team in order to administer tests and analyse food to achieve the goals set by clients. These professionals should possess adequate knowledge about food processing, as well as the application of various sciences on food.
  • Oil Industry – Chemists in the oil industry find and implement ways to enhance and resolve the problems in the industry. They perform lab and on-site work for large oil companies and suppliers to develop chemical products and processes used for oil extraction and refining. These professionals help petrochemical companies produce synthesized products from crude oil. Oil chemists also specialise in setting up and calibrating lab instruments in refineries that may need to endure difficult conditions.
  • Medical Research – Medical researchers in the field of chemistry conduct medical studies, clinical trials and research to combine their science or medical education, analytical skills and knowledge of scientific research. They are one of the many key players in medical studies and clinical trials, who work on medical studies designed to measure the effectiveness of a drug, medical device or its action on the human body.

Pursuing an M. Sc. Chemistry will help students gain knowledge about all the aspects of the department and the basics of a variety of engineering subjects.


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