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Digital Asset Management and University Marketing

Digital Asset Management and University Marketing

Working within a university management environment can be incredibly rewarding. You know that you are leading a team that is helping people to reach their full potential, gain new knowledge, and achieve official certification. Within your role, you may need to create documents to promote your university, encourage donations, advertise to potential new students, communicate with existing students, and send information out to alumni, while delegating other roles to members of your team. To make this possible, you might need an array of images and other digital assets to help make your promotions stand out, and for their desired readers to take note of the message you want to put across.

Image Storage

Being able to store and gain access to images is crucial when creating a piece of university marketing. You may have commonly used images, such as your university logo, alongside those pictures that you have taken or created, images created by a design team, by a professional photographer, or even submitted by the students themselves.

Being able to find these images without having to spend hours searching, or feeling worried about corrupted data, can be a fantastic tool for anyone who wishes to create high quality materials – click the link to find out more – without spending excessive amounts of time finding a single image among a folder of many.

Sharing Among Campuses

Some Universities have a number of campuses. Sometimes each campus may have their own advertising and marketing campaigns but at times they may wish to work together on larger projects. Due to distance, this may not always be feasible, especially if people are working remotely. Using Digital Asset Management, it is possible to seamlessly share image and asset designs or ideas, even when separated by distance. This can help speed up the process of creating these campaigns, and ensure that all relevant parties have access to the images and other data necessary to work on its completion.

Privacy and Security

When some of your imagery may contain photographs of your students and staff, you may want to keep them stored securely. As long as you have permission from those within the photograph for its use for marketing purposes, you may be able to use them, but it is also your responsibility to protect each individual’s right to refuse or to have them only used for that given purpose. Due to this, you want to make sure the images are kept on a platform where you are unlikely to fall victim to data breach or theft. DAM software is secure, meaning your images and other digital assets will be kept safe when using the system.

You can really improve the productivity of your digital marketing management through the use of DAM software. By focusing on other areas of improvement in relation to the time it takes to complete tasks, you may be able to find other tools to also suit your needs, speeding up the process and allowing both yourself and those who work under you to feel a bit less pressure when it comes to urgent university marketing needs.

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