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Don’t Go For Any Old Job – Look at the Values

Don’t Go For Any Old Job – Look at the Values

When you first graduate, it can be easy to take just any job that floats your way. The desire to put what you’ve learned into practice, as well as the excitement of earning a wage, is enough to make you accept anything that comes up. It’s somewhat of a rite of passage; everyone has to start off from somewhere, and there’s definitely a fair share of people who have had their ups and downs with their careers. These have only come about by applying for the jobs that they haven’t really looked into. Just because you are fresh out of college doesn’t mean that you have to accept anything that comes to you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to ensure that your first undergrad job is offering you the right deal.

Their Value On Equality

There is still a very man-ruled market out there when it comes to business. Despite years of promises to close the gender pay gap across first-world countries, we are still operating on the same basis that we were six years ago. There has been little done in this time to close it, and experts estimate that it will take a further sixty years to fully do so. There should be gender pay reporting available within the business that you are applying to, so you are able to look through what their record is on this matter. If you are female especially, this should resonate with you a lot more; being able to gauge your promotion potential and how far your career will go within the business that you are currently applying for shouldn’t just be a pipe dream. It’s real, it’s your life and you need to take it into your hands; simply looking up the reports to do with your gender is only one step in the right direction.

Their Value On Your Education

There are certain jobs that you can go into as a graduate which will just accept that you have got your degree and that’s it. They will place you in a role that reflects your education, both the pay and the specification of what you are doing, and that will be it. But then there are the businesses that want to develop you as a person as well as the job that you are doing – the ones that offer you top ups to what you have already learned, and keep on giving tips and tricks as what to do so you can further yourself in your chosen career. There may even be a deviation from the path that you’re already on which sort of relates to what you have already been doing – this shouldn’t be sniffed at. Any and all education that is being offered on behalf of a company is a great thing to take up. There are certain sectors like finance and law which require you to take exams and further education to be able to progress, in which case you should be expecting it rather than be on the lookout for it. You will know if it applies to you or not.

Their Value On Your Personal Life

There are issues that may arise from time to time which may affect your performance at work. It happens to everybody; some are able to leave their personal lives at home and not bring it with them into a professional capacity, but there are sometimes some issues which you just can’t escape from, no matter how hard you try. Look to see if the company that has piqued your interest has an EAP – an Employee Assistance Programme – in place to help you should anything go awry. These are able to offer counselling, referrals and a confidential service in which to ask for advice relating to your job. This isn’t just for the benefit of you; your company should realise that a focus on your private life and relieving the stress of it will help you perform better at work and increase your attendance, meaning that they aren’t paying out for somebody who isn’t there and working. It’s a win-win situation, and if the business that you are applying for doesn’t offer it, the least you can do is recommend it.

Their Value On Fun

You don’t go to work to have fun – or at least, that’s how the old saying goes. It’s true that in the past you never went to work to enjoy yourself, but times are changing. Mary Poppins said that in every job that must be done there is an element of fun, and who are we to disagree? Finding the perks of what you are doing will be able to get you through the day, but if your business also knows what these perks are then they should be able to expand on them. Making your office into a fun space isn’t something that is to be expected, but having a cheery disposition when you’re doing your job should be encouraged rather than chastised. Taking some time out to work outside, bringing in a lunch for staff, having half days every once in awhile – these are all important things to get you and those that you work with well on your way to looking forward to going to work, increasing your productivity and focusing more on the job at hand rather than looking at your career as a dull necessity.

Their Value On Time

There are a lot of jobs that offer flexible working hours currently, but they are hard to find. However, more and more employers are realising that the 9-5 just doesn’t suit everybody – there are so many circumstances to take into consideration that it’s just not possible for the majority of new businesses. Look for a company that will value your time and see what they can offer you in terms of flexibility and choosing a working pattern that suits both you and them. That way, you will be able to fit in your personal life and working life as a balance rather than sacrificing one for the benefit of the other.


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