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Earning a Living Traveling The World

Earning a Living Traveling The World

Have you ever been strolling along the sidewalk, and looked up at just the right time? The sun is shining; there are barely any clouds in the sky, it smells like summer, in the air, you can see a plane. Do you ever wonder where they are heading to? Or think about yourself sitting on the plane heading off to somewhere exotic – because who doesn’t love a sunny vacation?

But have you ever considered being the one flying the plane? What could be cooler than earning a (very lovely) living from traveling the world? There are a few other reasons you should consider becoming a pilot too – it’s not all about traveling the world and having a private pilot certificate.

Challenges – if you love having something to get your teeth into, there aren’t many other professions where you have the lives of so many people in your hands. With new technology, ever-changing weather and new techniques you get to keep learning.

Financials – When you start out, much like most careers you won’t be making bags of cash, However, once you have been around a while you’re looking at around $100k a year. Not bad eh! There are other avenues once you are qualified too, you aren’t going to box yourself in with a pilot license.

Adventures Galore – it goes without saying, if you are flying for a job, you’re going to have some dangerous adventures. While some of the short flights and budget airlines have quick turnaround times – meaning you won’t see anything but a coffee in between, the long hauls have the magic of staying over. Seeing country after country, in all weathers and at all times of the year. Not only that but, merely getting to fly through the air at those speeds it something miraculous.

You’ll Never Get Bored – while some people stare out of their office window and the see the same or things day after day. Your office views will change, no two clouds are alike, the sun rises and sunsets – orange pink and orange bursting all across the sky. Watching the ground disappear below you, then arrive once more when it’s time to land.

You Instincts Will be your Superpower – while a lot of flying is about the information in front of you, at the end of the day you are in control. You will learn things about resource management, a better planner, and an incredibly logical decision maker. Weather and even the plane you are currently flying can change in a heartbeat, and you have to be ready to tackle it and so what is safe for your passengers, your staff and yourself.

It’s a fast-paced and exciting world to find yourself in. And, when it’s just you, a plane of sleeping passengers, the starry sky, and a giant moon, you might just feel like you’re the only person in the world. Nothing is likely to come to close those moments in-between countries, continents and atmospheres.


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