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The First Step Toward Greatness

The First Step Toward Greatness
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“I majored in art, but I can’t find a job in art … so I work as a receptionist. I really want to be an artist. Just waiting for the opportunity.”

“I want to be a writer, but I can’t find a job writing. I’m waiting tables until I get my big break.”

“I haven’t been approached by any clients recently, so I’m tending bar until the field of photography gets better.”

The formula seems to be:
your passion + someone else’s permission + someday = greatness.

“Someday” isn’t a day. “Someday” is some arbitrary time in the future. “Someday” is an excuse that precludes action in the present. “Someday” won’t happen until you’ve given yourself permission. You have to stop waiting for someone to grant you the authority.

It’s time to rewrite the formula:
your passion + hard work + self-entitlement = greatness.

Here are 3 ways to get started on your endeavor.

  1. Find a job that will allow you to support your career
    First things first. Entitling yourself to greatness doesn’t remove your personal accountability. A close friend of mine, Alex, epitomizes this. She works the necessary hours to support herself so that she can devote time to her true passion: writing. She didn’t wait aimlessly in her apartment for a publisher to show up with a book offer.  She’s giving herself permission to pursue her passion in life. Support yourself. Work to achieve your goals. It’s as simple as 1+1.
  2. Pursue networks and industry connections in your field
    Networking as a young professional is crucial. It’s even more important when setting foot in a new direction. Not only will a larger network with meaningful connections reveal job opportunities, but it will also give you some insight into industry secrets, allow you to stay up-to-date with trends, and enable you to learn in a more personal environment.
  3. Become your own employer.
    Freelance work is easier now than it’s ever been before. Hello, Internet and endless social media platforms. If you’ve always dreamt of displaying your photography, you can create a virtual gallery. Aspiring writer? Start a blog. Submit your articles to freelance writing sites. Up-and-coming graphic designer? Check out sites like Design Crowd and start bidding for work. Whatever you want to do, start now. Because today exists. Stop waiting for your ship to come in; go out and meet it.

If tomorrow will never be a certainty, how can we expect “someday” to be any different?

Let us know how the Undergrad Success community can help you. Leave me a comment below or tweet at me.

See you next Tuesday!

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Jessica is a social media enthusiast working in the user experience and customer experience optimization industry. You can find her on Twitter (@Jessabahr) or talking about technology news and mobile-first app design on the Internet Pandas podcast. She has a background in process engineering and graduated with a degree in Integrated Supply Chain Management from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville, School of Business.

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